Appreciating the Sacrifice of Christ

Wallace G. Smith

Jesus Christ’s sacrifice represents the highest price that ever could be paid, even for the life of every human being that has ever lived. But do you truly appreciate that sacrifice to the fullest? In this sermon, Wallace Smith discusses how, no matter how uncrossable the gulf between man and God—or how great the sacrifice Christ’s shed blood represents—Jesus died so that we can truly become like our Creator.

Lessons from the Feast

Richard F. Ames

What lessons can you learn from observing the biblical Holy Days, particularly the Feast of Tabernacles? Having celebrated his sixtieth Feast in the Church of God, Evangelist Richard Ames expounds on the importance of this annual Holy Day festival as one of the revealed truths in God’s plan for mankind. He then gives seven important lessons for Christians about not only how to better observe the Feast, but also how to take away important knowledge from it that can be applied to the rest of one’s life.

Prophecy Is Coming Alive

Douglas S. Winnail

As Bible prophecy comes alive and is fulfilled in world events around the globe, God’s people need to be paying attention and focusing on the big picture: what God is doing and why they have been called to be a part of the Church of God. Dr. Doug Winnail explores these questions in this sermon, discussing how Bible prophecy is relevant for our times. He discusses such topics as prophecy throughout history, the history and mission of God’s work, and the importance of preaching the gospel message and the Ezekiel warning to the world before the return of Jesus Christ.

Feast of Trumpets 2020: The Reality of the Feast of Trumpets

Gerald E. Weston

While we rejoice over the meaning of the seventh and final prophetic trumpet, which will herald the return of Jesus Christ to this earth, God’s Feast of Trumpets is also about the other six. The vast majority of human beings have little to no understanding of what this Holy Day truly means—even those who profess to believe in the Bible as God’s inspired word.

Who and What Is the Anti-Christ?

Mike DeSimone

“Then if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or ‘There!’ do not believe it. For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect” (Matthew 24:23–24). While there are many who spread false teachings in opposition to Jesus Christ, one antichrist in particular will spearhead a worldwide religious deception in the not-too-distant future. In this sermon, Mike DeSimone reviews what the Bible tells us about who this antichrist will be and what doctrines he will use to deceive the world.

What Is a Godly Conscience?

Rand Millich

When do we develop a sense of right and wrong? And where should our knowledge of morality start? In this sermon, Pastor Rand Millich examines how understanding the physical and spiritual laws of God is dependent on many factors, and how the malleable human conscience can and should be trained to align with God’s revealed code of conduct. Our conscience is trained by what we believe, and changes as we grow in biblical knowledge and understanding.

Last Great Day 2020: God’s Impartial Love for Mankind

Gerald E. Weston

Few were able to face the COVID-19 pandemic without having some important aspect of their lives affected. On the Last Great Day of the Feast, 2020, after discussing the unusual trials of having to “shelter in place” from difficult circumstances in the world, Presiding Evangelist Gerald Weston covers one of the most important topics in the Bible: God’s love for mankind.

Come Out of the World

Gerald E. Weston

The Creator God is the ultimate Master of the universe, but he has allowed Satan the devil a position of authority over the world in which we live (John 12:31; 14:30; 16:11). Are we staying focused on accomplishing God’s Work, or are we allowing Satan to distract us? In this sermon, Presiding Evangelist Gerald Weston examines the state of the modern world, detailing how the vast majority of human beings are clearly marching to the beat of the devil’s drum.

What Is Human Nature?

Scott D. Winnail

As Christians prepare for the Passover and the Spring Holy Days, it is important to examine human nature and how we must overcome Satan’s influences and live according to God’s word. Dr. Scott Winnail covers this topic by discussing such vital concepts as false religious ideas about sin, specifically the Catholic doctrine of “original sin,” along with the real purpose for God’s creation of man, how living in Satan’s world affects us, and the need to resist this life-long influence and replace our sinful “human” nature with God’s own righteous character.

Remember God's Restored Truths

Douglas S. Winnail

The Church of God is facing one of the most important “moments in time” prophesied in the Bible. How important are the truths that were lost to the Christian-professing world, and which God restored through chosen servants like the late Herbert W. Armstrong? Dr. Douglas Winnail examines ten of those truths, how they were restored, and the importance of taking that knowledge seriously and acting on it as we approach what the Bible clearly identifies as the end of the age.

Pentecost: Its Meaning and Its Results

John Strain

Pentecost is a Holy Day God commands His people to observe and is the third annual “Sabbath” picturing the important steps in His plan of Salvation. Pastor John Strain elaborates in this sermon on the vital occasion of this “Feast of Weeks”: how it pictures both the pouring out of the Holy Spirit on Jesus Christ’s followers and the giving of the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai, how that Spirit should work in our lives, and how we need it to grow and fulfill God’s purpose for us to overcome sin and develop holy, righteous character.

Are We the Church of That Pentecost?

Wallace G. Smith

What was the Church of God like on the momentous Day of Pentecost in 31 AD? What were its priorities, its goals, its convictions? And shouldn’t the modern Church of God share the same values? In this sermon, Wallace Smith gives us a glimpse into the lives of the early leaders of God’s Church, using their powerful examples to prove that the Church of that Pentecost was united in mind, committed to proclaiming the Good News of God’s Kingdom and the true name of Jesus Christ to the entire world, and courageously willing to risk their lives and reputations for the sake of God’s Work.