The Old and New Covenants Explained

We need to ask ourselves, as Christians, whether we are “between the two covenants” or living the fullness of both covenants through our obedience to the New—which is, in fact, what makes possible true obedience to the Old.

The Truth about the Holy Spirit

Gerald E. Weston

The Holy Spirit is a mystery for churchgoers everywhere. Strong opinions on the subject abound, but for many there are more questions than answers. What exactly is the Holy Spirit, and what is its purpose?

Jesus Did Not Break the Sabbath

Dexter B. Wakefield

It seemed that everywhere Jesus went, the religious leaders of His day were watching Him to see if some fault could be found. Because they rejected Jesus’ teachings as “unorthodox,” they were particularly interested in discrediting Him as an opponent of the law.

What Does It Mean To "Hallow" God's Name?

John H. Ogwyn (1949-2005)

The man sitting across the table seemed very sincere. “I believe that it is just as important to keep the third commandment as it is to keep the fourth one,” he said. Of course, he was absolutely right. It is vital to keep the third commandment. The Apostle James reminds us that if we break one point of the law, we have broken the entire law (James 2:10). The question that we must then ask is: exactly what does the third commandment enjoin us to do? Does hallowing the name of the Creator mean that we should use only certain Hebrew names?

How to Love Your Neighbor

Gerald E. Weston
Our best friends and greatest service efforts ought to be among the family of God, but there are also plenty of opportunities to serve our closest neighbors.