How to Count Pentecost

John H. Ogwyn (1949-2005)
We are not left to speculation or human reasoning to determine when to begin the Pentecost count.

The Meaning of the Feast of Trumpets

Peter G. Nathan
While the Feast of Trumpets is not named in the New Testament in such a direct way as many of the other Holy Days are, we can see from Scripture that the early Christians did have a deep understanding of the day and its application to the Church.

How to Approach Deleavening

Gerald E. Weston
God’s people should not exaggerate or downplay the importance of removing leaven from our homes; our approach should reflect God’s mind.

Is “Good Friday” in the Bible?

The Bible does reveal what Jesus Christ was doing on the Friday before His resurrection—but the truth is not what most of today’s Trinitarian “Christians” believe. Click here to learn why there is no way Jesus could have been crucified on Friday.

What Does the Day of Pentecost Mean?

Douglas S. Winnail
The Day of Pentecost is a reminder that God is calling a few into His Church now, giving them His Holy Spirit so that they can eventually be born into His Family.