Jesus Did Not Break the Sabbath

Dexter B. Wakefield

It seemed that everywhere Jesus went, the religious leaders of His day were watching Him to see if some fault could be found. Because they rejected Jesus’ teachings as “unorthodox,” they were particularly interested in discrediting Him as an opponent of the law.

How to Love Your Neighbor

Gerald E. Weston
Our best friends and greatest service efforts ought to be among the family of God, but there are also plenty of opportunities to serve our closest neighbors.

Does God Call Us, or Do We Choose Him for Ourselves?

Once we have been called and placed in the Church that Christ built (Matthew 16:18) through the power of God’s Holy Spirit, we continue to be free moral agents. Click here to learn how God is calling some to have a part in His final warning to this dying and disobedient world.

Why the Living Church of God?

Mike DeSimone
Which church we choose to attend does matter, and four concrete and easily provable points about God’s true Church are revealed in Scripture.

The Holy Spirit: Changing Your Life

John H. Ogwyn (1949-2005)

Many people are very confused about the Holy Spirit. They not only do not understand what it is; they have no idea what it is supposed to do in their lives or why they need it. What about you?

We live in a world of fear and anxiety. Man is increasingly being forced to come to grips with the limits of technology. All of our vaunted advances in education and the dissemination of information have not made this world a safer place. What is a person to do in a hostile, crazy world?