Ten Ways to Love One Another

Richard F. Ames

Love is the greatest quality God desires of His people, but the world’s concepts of it are often false or distorted. In this sermon, Evangelist Richard Ames expounds on ten specific ways to abide in greater love towards fellow members of the body of Christ. His points include understanding the meaning and purpose of the Ten Commandments as well as the two greatest commandments that sum up God’s perfect law. He also covers important considerations such as serving the brethren, encouraging one another, forgiveness, and maintaining lines of communication during troubling times.

Preserving Unity in the Faith

Gerald E. Weston

We are living in one of the most divisive periods of human history, and it is difficult to imagine how the gaps between parties, ideologies, and agendas can ever be bridged. As slander travels across the world at lightning speed, true brotherly love seems to be at an all-time low—and this spirit of division can even seep into the Church of God. How can we strengthen and maintain a spirit of genuine unity among true Christians?

Bury Your Idols

Wallace G. Smith

The second of God’s Ten Commandments forbids idols—but what is an idol, really? It’s easy to think of idols as just physical statues, but the Bible reveals that we can have idols in our hearts that command our reverent attention and can even take us away from the focus we should be giving to a life of love and obedience toward God. In this sermon, Wallace Smith identifies four common idols of the heart that all of us can have in the modern age and encourages us to permanently bury them as we strive to live the life that will give us more perfect joy.

Does God Have Your Full Attention?

Rod McNair

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis, people around the world have been reminded how quickly disaster and unprecedented change can strike. Pastor Rod McNair asks, “Does God have your attention?” He goes on to explain how, as the prophesied events of scripture about the end of this age come about, God will use dramatic events to shake our world and get the attention of sinning nations. Christians should be mindful, awake, and aware, proving their beliefs and shaping their lives in accordance with God’s will in order to be ready for Jesus Christ’s return.

From Egypt to the Promised Land

Gerald E. Weston

God’s Feast of Unleavened Bread, in which His people do not eat anything containing a leavening agent for seven days, may seem strange to most of the world—but in His word, God explicitly commands us to observe this Festival. Why? And what is the spiritual meaning behind it?

Esther: Lessons for Passover

Peter G. Nathan

What relevance can the book of Esther have to the observance of God’s Passover today, and what lessons can we glean from how God intervened in the lives of its characters? When it seems as though God is absent as we endure the challenges of this life, how can we change our perspective to realize that He is truly fighting for us? In this sermon, Peter Nathan takes us through this underrated and misunderstood book of the Bible, and reveals how we can apply its meaningful lessons to our modern experiences.

What Is the Greatest Reality?

Richard F. Ames

What is reality? In this world of illusions, how can we understand what is truth and what is deception? In this sermon, Evangelist Richard Ames tackles the all-important question of how to discern truth as we are continually bombarded with misinformation. As he does, he takes us on a journey through the proofs of God’s existence, His character, and His revelation.

The Importance of Observing God's Sabbaths

John Strain

Even within the thousands of professing “Christian” churches and sects, there is almost no real understanding of God’s true plan and purpose for mankind. A large part of the reason for this is because the knowledge of God’s Holy Days, called Sabbaths and holy convocations in His word, has been lost—indeed, they are not even kept, or kept properly when they are!

Seven Changes That Overcomers Must Make

Douglas S. Winnail

The biblical book of Revelation reveals in its opening chapters that only those who overcome the sinful urges of human nature will reign with Jesus Christ in the coming Kingdom of God. But how do we overcome—and what, specifically, do we need to change? In this sermon, Dr. Douglas Winnail describes seven areas in which a true Christian overcomer will change his or her life.

Be a Deliberate Christian

Scott D. Winnail

In a world ruled by Satan and filled with constant distractions, how can we keep our focus on walking with God and accomplishing His Work? In this sermon, Dr. Scott Winnail gives us two actions that we can take to be even more deliberate and intentional Christians, exhorting us to visit and encourage our brethren in order to practice the scriptural principle of iron sharpening iron (Proverbs 27:17) and imploring us to make time for spiritual growth through daily prayer and Bible study. As he encourages us not to be distracted by the corrupt world in which we live, Dr.

Atonement: A Day of Liberty

Jonathan McNair

What is God’s Holy Day of Atonement? What can we learn from observing it? In this sermon, Jonathan McNair takes us through the ancient Israelites’ observance of this Holy Day, revealing the fundamental lesson that the Day of Atonement is a day of liberty. On the Day of Atonement, we reflect on how desperately we need God and the understanding that comes only from Him.

Feast of Trumpets 2019: The Use and Importance of Trumpets in Scripture

Mike DeSimone

How important is the Holy Day known as the Feast of Trumpets? What connection does it have with the soon-coming Day of the Lord revealed by biblical prophecy? In this sermon, Mike DeSimone surveys the Scriptures to help us develop a deeper understanding of how trumpets are used in God’s word.