Christ In You

dve400 Roderick C. Meredith (1930-2017)

The Work and Mission of Elijah

dve1116 Richard F. Ames

Satan Is the God of This World

dve1113-B Mike DeSimone

Second Chance

dve1113-A Ken Frank

The Power of Patterns

dve1115 Rod McNair

Hebrews 11:6—Without Faith…

dve1114 Gerald Weston

Seven Changes That Overcomers Must Make

dve1104 Douglas S. Winnail

Be a Deliberate Christian

dve1077 Scott D. Winnail

Our Calling and the Responsibility It Brings to Do the Work

dve1112 John Strain

Godly Discipline

dve1110 Richard F. Ames

Last Great Day 2019: The Value of Human Life

lgd19pm Gerald Weston

Last Great Day 2019: Thankful

lgd19am Wyatt Ciesielka