LCN Article

The BRiC Weekend

July / August 2018

Jacob Hall

Singles from across North America traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina, for another successful and inspiring BRiC Weekend! The acronym BRiC—“Building Relationships in Christ”—defines the main goal and focus in organizing and planning for this annual event. Within the scope of building relationships, this year’s BRiC Weekend theme was “Walking with God Together.”

The singles group in Charlotte has hosted this event for several years now, usually in the month of May. The weekend provides an opportunity for singles to come to Charlotte and hear inspiring messages, enjoy activities together and engage in quality fellowship. It is truly an uplifting occasion, where like-minded individuals spend time together. Whether new or veteran, young or old, those who come create, build and strengthen relationships within the spiritual body of Jesus Christ.

This year, more than 80 singles of all ages were in attendance, one of our largest groups yet! Besides brethren from across the U.S., there were several visitors from Canada and one visitor from the U.S. Virgin Islands. The weekend began Friday afternoon with a tour of the Headquarters facility. This firsthand look gave the group a chance to understand the different departments of the office and the operations and functions of God's Church and Work. Afterward, we welcomed the Sabbath together, with a delicious taco buffet dinner that was followed by a Bible Study and group activity. The Bible Study, titled "The End of Men?," focused on some of the role-reversal trends we see around us and how they fit into prophecy, and also explained what we can do individually to overcome society and fulfill the proper roles God intended for both men and women.

On Saturday, following an inspiring Sabbath service and fellowship over snacks, the singles attended "BRiC Talks." Each BRiC Talk is a biblically-based message with format and delivery modeled after the popular TED Talk series. This style of presentation for discussing topics related to Christian living has been a crowd favorite over the past few years and is a great way to explore topics not typically presented in Bible Studies or sermons. Following the BRiC Talks, Mr. and Mrs. Rod McNair and Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Smith sat for brief interviews conducted by Mr. Mike DeSimone. The couples answered questions about their relationship experiences, adding a unique and helpful perspective as the audience heard from husband and wife together. These interviews of ministers and their wives provided even more spiritual food and helpful insight into godly relationships. Saturday evening ended with an Italian-themed progressive dinner and, after the Sabbath, a dance capped the day with music and entertainment.

On Sunday, we divided into seven teams and "raced" through uptown Charlotte, competing in the Uptown Challenge. At the beginning of the challenge, each team received a map with seven locations, a list of clues, and a list of scavenger-hunt tasks. Then each team moved from location to location, completing challenges in order to earn points, while also completing the scavenger hunt. It was a hot and humid day, but one full of fun and excitement as teams vied for first place. Some of the challenges included Bible charades, a "How well do you know your team?" contest, and the graveyard Bible trivia and word search. Winding down, we concluded the day with a relaxing cookout and campfire sing-along at Mr. and Mrs. Rod McNair's home.

On Monday morning, we wrapped up the weekend by reflecting on lessons learned and important takeaways from our time together. The weekend seemed to have come and gone too quickly, but while we were together, there were certainly plenty of good conversations, laughs and memories made with old friends and new ones. We built relationships in Christ. It is certainly a blessing to have weekends and events like these that truly do build, strengthen and unify the body of Christ. When we are together and God is our focus, whether we are in Sabbath Services listening and learning, dodging uptown city traffic, or singing by a campfire, we are walking with God, and we are walking with Him together!

Bible charades game being played and Mr. Mike DeSimone interviewing Rod and Dana McNair