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Personal - Satanís Plan to Divide and Conquer!

 Dear Brethren and Friends, We can all surely recall the recent news about five policemen in Dallas who were murdered, with seven others wounded. It took place during a “peaceful protest” by thousands of people marching in that city to protest the recent police killings of a black man in Louisiana and another black man in St. Paul, Minnesota. News reports on the radio reported that the police spoke to the killer, Micah Xavier Johnson, who admitted that he “hated” white people and especially white policemen. So it certainly looks like Satan the Devil may be trying to stir up “race riots” across the United States more than ever! Read More »

Editorial - Living Faith

 The Eternal God has inspired me regarding the vital need for all of us to grow in faith.   Read More »

Looking Through the Eyes of Faith

 How many eyes do you have? Two? Think again! In an important sense, whether you are sighted or blind, you have many eyes. You will look through one kind of eyes in one situation and through another kind of eyes in another. For example, if you look through the eyes of offence, you will see only faults. If you look through the eyes of envy, you will see only unfairness. Read More »

What Are You Building This Feast?

 We understandably see the Feast of Tabernacles as a time of friendships, family, spiritual food and travel. But of course, there is so much more to consider! For instance, the God Family sees the Feast as a time symbolizing the coming restoration of all things (Acts 3:19–21). What’s involved in restoration? Read More »

Glimpsing Our Eternity in Godís Festivals

 God’s Festivals are an incredible gift to His people! From beginning to end, they give us a “map” to His plan of salvation. As we write in our Official Statement of Fundamental Beliefs, “God’s annual Festivals picture the seven vital steps in His plan of salvation.” Read More »

2016: Another Great Year at Ohio Teen Camp

 Four hundred and forty-two enthusiastic campers and staff attended the Living Youth Camp in Delaware, Ohio during the first two weeks of August 2016. This summer, attendance was up for the sixth consecutive year! While those of us serving the young people at camp were encouraged by this trend, we were also aware that we had a big responsibility to provide a quality camp experience for each individual involved. So, once again, many people went to work making camp all that it could be! Read More »

LYP Teen Camp Is Moving to Texas!

 It’s happening! After six summers of Teen Camp in Central Ohio, the Living Youth Program is moving its premier camp to Texas! Read More »

Lessons from Adventure Camp in Banff

 Do you want to stretch yourself and go outside of your comfort zone? Do you really want to see what you are capable of doing, both physically and mentally? If so, then Adventure Camp will be a challenge you will enjoy. This was my first year attending Adventure Camp, and it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. In addition to memories of breathtaking views and new friendships, I left camp with a greater sense of perseverance, appreciation and inspiration. Read More »

New Hope for Men in the Northeast

 Some 70 men from congregations across the U.S. came together in New Hope, Pennsylvania for a Men’s Training Camp over the weekend of August 26. The camp was designed to help men in the Body of Christ to understand the biblical role of men, to build bonds of brotherhood and to honor God. The weekend was kicked off Friday evening with a chili dinner and orientation with Regional Pastor, Mr. Jonathan McNair. Sabbath morning, Mr. Bill Long, who pastors congregations in the mid-west, delivered a sermonette on love and tolerance, and Dr. Douglas Winnail expounded on “Vital Lessons in Life” for the main message. After lunch, we attended breakout sessions on some specific challenges facing men in the Church today and a special session with Dr. Winnail on “The Vision from Headquarters.” Read More »

Adirondack Canoe Trip 2016

 The Upstate New York Living Church of God brethren hosted another awesome trip to the Adirondack Mountain region on Raquette Lake. Read More »

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