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Personal - We Must Become Family!

 Dear Brethren and Friends, As we reported last Fall after the Feast, virtually everyone commented that it was an unusually inspiring and helpful Feast of Tabernacles. Certainly, the Living Church of God now has a great sense of unity and enthusiasm and an increasing “family spirit” in the way we interact with each other to serve God. For this we can be very thankful.  Read More »

Editorial - What Lies Ahead?

 With the 24th anniversary of the Global/Living Church of God now behind us, it is important to think about where we have come from, where we are, and where we are going. All of you know that—with my advancing age—I have recently brought in Mr. Gerald Weston to replace me as leader of the Work if I am incapacitated or die. I hope all of you will pray for him and be absolutely loyal to him as long as he continues in the way of God—which I have every confidence he will. For in our previous association more than two decades ago, the man brought in to lead that organization had virtually no experience in high-level leadership and was not tried and tested in the same way Mr. Weston has been. Read More »

God’s 7,000-Year Plan: Earth, the Universe, and You

 How can the earth or the universe fit into a 6,000-year history? How does a “new earth” or “young earth” teaching deal with prehistoric fossils of dinosaurs, mammoths and fauna? If God has a “7,000-year Plan” with the first 6,000 years allotted to mankind before Christ’s return, then how do we explain the universe, the galaxies and the stars, not to mention the age of the earth itself? Read More »

Are You Really an Ambassador?

 We have finally finished another election year in the United States, and the election of Mr. Donald Trump promises to continue dominating the news as it has done so far. It has been interesting, if not also tragic, to see how much social media and reality television now define our election process. And while it is easy to bemoan much of what we see reported every day, the change of power in the United States from President Obama to President Trump can also serve as an opportunity for every true Christian to ask himself or herself: Am I really an ambassador? Read More »

From Around the World… Feast of Tabernacles 2016

 During the Feast of Tabernacles in 2016, more than 10,500 of God’s people gathered together in 50 sites across 33 countries to rejoice before their Creator and celebrate the coming Kingdom of God! This year, we have included special reports from Haiti and Seaside, Oregon about the dramatic role weather played in their Feast experiences, reminding us of God’s powerful hand in our lives—and reminding us, too, about His divine love and protection. We hope you will enjoy reading about the Feast sites your brothers and sisters in Christ enjoyed all around the world! Read More »

From a “Lion” of a Storm to a “Lizard with an Attitude”

 Following the hurricane on the East Coast that caused the cancellation at Hilton Head’s Feast site, meteorologists were predicting the “storm of the century” on the other side of the country, as the tail end of a powerful typhoon was scheduled to hit the Pacific Northwest. As many brethren were traveling to Seaside for the Feast, hurricane-level winds and resulting widespread power outages were forecast for the weekly Sabbath of October 15. Read More »

“We will one day be the builders”

 The Feast in Haiti was an opportunity to witness—in advance—the destruction and hardship that all humanity will face before the return of Jesus Christ. The brethren in Haiti understand this more than most. For example, in 2010, the brethren were protected from one of the most destructive earthquakes in history. On the Sabbath following the earthquake, all the brethren showed up for services with thanksgiving and a positive attitude. Read More »

Worthless Things

 Does it frustrate you that so many things are made with “planned obsolescence” built in? You know, the product falls apart or quits working soon after the warranty expires? As you walk the aisles of your favorite store, are you appalled at the flood of cheaply made merchandise that becomes worthless soon after being put to use? Do you lose time to things that aren’t positive or productive? Read More »
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