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Personal - Choose Life over Lentils

Dear Brethren and Friends, “If only I knew then what I know now...” Regrettably, changing the past only happens in movies and books, not in real life. Missed business opportunities, a home not purchased, an education passed over… oh, the regrets. The clock never turns back. Well, almost never. There is Joshua’s long day, but even then, there is no indication that decisions could be reversed—only the sun. Missed opportunities are just that: opportunities passed by and that often never come again! Read More »

Editorial - The Greatest Generation?

Every generation has its challenges. Tom Brokaw wrote about those growing up during the Great Depression and fighting in World War II as “The Greatest Generation.” Without doubt, many suffered through hard times and overcame the brutalities of a war that ended 70 million hopes and dreams. Those who saw warfare firsthand experienced something that the rest of us cannot imagine, no matter how hard we try, and no matter how graphic Hollywood portrays it. We, their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, are here because some of them were the blessed survivors.  Read More »

Being of One Mind

Jesus was gone! He no longer walked among His disciples. Even though He had been resurrected, as they gathered together for the annual Feast of Firstfruits, the grim thought of His crucifixion still weighed heavily on the minds of the disciples. But before that astonishing Feast day occurred, some of those closest to Him had seen Him taken up into heaven. Read More »

Meet the Council of Elders

How much do you know about the Living Church of God Council of Elders? The Council has long been an important part of God’s Work. Read More »

Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit

Shortly, we will be observing the Festival of Pentecost. Let’s examine a subject today that relates to our keeping of that Festival in a way that is pleasing to our Father in heaven. Read More »

How Do You Count Pentecost?

Editor’s note: Normally, counting the days to determine when to keep Pentecost is a very simple matter. In the Old Testament, the wave sheaf was offered during the Days of Unleavened Bread on the day after the weekly Sabbath (cf. Leviticus 23:11). That Sunday becomes “Day 1,” and the count of days proceeds to “Day 50”—which is the Day of Pentecost. A complication occurs, however, when the Days of Unleavened Bread begin on a Sunday and end on a weekly Sabbath: Is the wave sheaf offered on that first Holy Day, or is it offered the day after the last Holy Day, which would mean it is offered outside the Days of Unleavened Bread? Read More »

Lee Strobel’s Mistake in “The Case for Christ”

I took my family to see the new movie “The Case for Christ,” based on Lee Strobel’s book by the same name, depicting his investigation into the facts of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. What struck me most about the story is not Strobel’s search, but where it ended. Read More »

The Young Reformer

In the history of Israel and Judah, the greatest Passover after the time of the Judges occurred in 622bc and was brought about by a 26-year-old king. This very significant Passover occurred during the last reformation of the Kingdom of Judah, ignited during a very dangerous time by King Josiah, who began his reign when he was just a boy. Read More »

Woman to Woman - The Lie I Swallowed and Then Rethought

Imagine you were a printer by profession. You’ve been printing for well over a decade, and you love your job. You’ve found it to be productive and fulfilling. You have passion for striving for excellence in that profession: you use the best inks, the highest quality paper, and you only print for companies you believe will help make a difference in the world. You do it because it means a lot to you, and nothing compares to how you feel about being the best printer you can be. If you had to pick a profession again, you have no doubt—you’d do it all over again. Read More »

The Spirit of Pentecost

Do you feel the Spirit of God moving in your life? Can you be filled with the same Spirit of Pentecost as Christ’s first disciples? Yes, you can! Read More »
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