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An Eternal Life of Service and Action

Dear Brethren, Mankind does not know how to rule. That is a theme running through the last four Festivals in God’s sacred calendar. Think about it. Read More »

The Master of Misdirection

Every year, it seems the World Cup is the biggest show on earth. Flags from many nations fly from automobiles and porches in multicultural countries such as England and Canada. We all love the country of our heritage, or at least most of us do, but that is changing in the United States. Anarchist professors have made significant inroads in universities and pump into the minds of naïve students the “evils” of the country’s founding principles. Sadly, most cable news networks share the same leftist bent and proclaim America’s “sins” to the world—based, of course, on their editorial boards’ ideas of “sin.” Our politicians do a fine job of that, as well, all on their own. Read More »

The Order of Melchizedek

If you had the choice, which would you rather be: a king or a priest? Some say that they would rather be a priest, because they can’t see themselves ruling even one city, much less several. Others look forward to being a king and exercising the authority of government in righteousness. How about you? Do you have a preference? Read More »

50 Years an Ordained Servant: An Interview with Rand Millich

This year, the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles will hold additional meaning for Mr. Rand Millich, Regional Pastor of the U.S. Midwest. He was ordained into the ministry of Jesus Christ on the same Holy Day, fifty Feasts earlier. He and his wife Gloria serve 32 congregations in his region, and he directly pastors congregations in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa. We asked if he would answer some of our questions about his personal experiences and the lessons he has learned over the last five decades. He was kind enough to indulge us, and this is the resulting interview. — Editorial Staff Read More »

The Importance of the Opening Night

Soon, we will depart for the locations around the world where we will again observe the Feast of Tabernacles and Last Great Day. Ever since the restoration of the knowledge of observing God’s Holy Days in this mod­ern era of the Church, the keeping of the Feast has involved the gathering of the brethren together in large congregations at specified locations around the globe. This is, in fact, a tradition that God initiated when Israel was to gather at Jerusalem for the Feast, and today this is done in a manner that reflects both the spirit and the letter of God’s command.  Read More »

From Trumpets to Atonement

The last trumpet and the binding of Satan represent the beginning and end of a brief span of ten days. Those few days see momentous events in the flow of prophetic fulfillment—remarkable events that accompany Jesus Christ’s return to this earth to reign. What are those events? Read More »

Three Keys to a Joyous Feast!

Several years ago, my family and I were having a very difficult time on the way to the Feast. After several hours in the car, the kids were agitated with each other—which, in turn, caused my wife and me to become agitated with them, and eventually with each other. By the time we arrived at the Feast site, we were all “bent out of shape.” Read More »

Where's Your Sense of Humor?

What do you think is funny? Do you like slapstick? Sarcasm? Puns, limericks and other wordplay? Humor plays an important role in human relationships—but how can we use humor to improve our Christian lives? Read More »
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