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Personal - After the Feast, the Work Continues!

Dear Brethren,  another full cycle of biblical Festivals was completed with the Feast of Tabernacles and Last Great Day. All reports are that it was a successful and profitable Holy Day season. How many more will there be prior to the Day of the Lord, pictured by the Feast of Trumpets? World events indicate the time is short. Read More »

Editorial - The Way of Cain

Observing one’s first Feast of Tabernacles is a memorable experience for those of us who did not grow up keeping it. I have more memories of my first Feast than I should take the space to relate in this Editorial, but I want to share one with you. It involves a sermon by a senior minister, an evangelist in the Church of God at that time. I do not remember whether he had a title for the sermon, and if he did, I cannot remember what it was, as that was more than half a century ago. But if I were to put a title on it, it would be, “The Way of Cain.” Read More »

God's Tithes Are Holy

When you hear the word “holy,” what do you think of? The commentaries have a lot to say about the subject, but a good working definition of when something is “holy” has three elements: When something is (1) set apart (2) by God (3) for His special purpose. For instance, we think of ancient Israel’s priests as dealing very carefully with holy things, such as their vestments, bowls and sacrifices, in order to avoid profaning them by improper use. God gave them procedures for handling these articles, and the priests followed those procedures carefully. Read More »

A Mocker and a Brawler

The old Victory Hotel had seen better days. In fact, at that time, some 40 years ago, it was an abandoned building, shuttered and boarded up, though it was only a stone’s throw from the main railway station in the city. Passenger trains were no longer in vogue, and this area had become a pocket of decay in the community. Read More »

Teen Camp Moves to Texas

After six wonderful, exciting and challenging summers at Camp Lazarus Boy Scout camp in Delaware, Ohio, the Living Youth Programs’ U.S. Teen Camp has relocated to a new facility. Our new site, Lone Star Camp, is located approximately seven miles from Athens, Texas, and is just about an hour and fifteen minutes southeast of Dallas. Owned by the Southwest Regional Conference of Seventh Day Adventists (SDA), this marvelous 278-acre property is located in the beautiful pinewoods of East Texas and contains a twenty-five acre lake at its heart. Read More »

The Care of Our Young Flock

In August of 2015, my wife and I celebrated the birth of our fourth child, a healthy baby girl with bright eyes and a full head of curly brown hair. A new shade of God’s color wheel soon took over the house, as pink bows and pink balloons welcomed her into our little family. Entering life with the reality of three big brothers, she would have quite the challenge keeping up with their action-packed, boisterous lifestyle. Yet, she has never skipped a beat, and has even managed to add her own flair and spicy personality along the way. Read More »

One More Mile

Siblings Jake and Josie Monson—ages 21 and 17, respectively, at the time of camp—wrote this article together about their experience at this year’s LYP Adventure Camp. Jake served on staff, while Josie went as a camper. We hope you will enjoy their thoughts and observations! —Editorial Staff Read More »

Woman to Woman - Women as Christian Soldiers

All women who have been called to know God’s Truth have also been called to be Christian soldiers in this elite army of firstfruits. To be a Christian soldier requires us to seek God’s Kingdom and His righteousness first, building holy righteous character as we win each victory over our enemies. Read More »

Audit 2016: The Year In Review

We are very thankful to God for continuing to provide for His Work through our members, coworkers and donors. The Living Church of God (International), Inc. and Affiliates audit is complete and the entire, independently audited statement is available online. On the website, go to the “About Us” page, and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Then click on “Living Church of God: 2016 Consolidated Financial statements.” The statement is published in its entirety—meaning the document on the webpage includes all the “Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements” at the end of the report. The Church strives to maintain the highest quality of accounting and reporting procedures. Read More »

Red Words and Every Word

Many people have a “red letter” edition of the Bible, which prints the words spoken by Jesus in red ink. But even with Jesus’ words printed in red to draw attention to them, some seem to misunderstand the things Christ actually said and taught. Read More »
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