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Commentary Tuesday, March 31, 2015

April Foolsí Day Fools?

Pranks, practical jokes and general foolishness are the hallmark of April Fools’ Day, celebrated by many around the world on April 1st of every year. What is it all about? Is it just harmless fun? Are silly shenanigans, playful pranks or stupid stunts really harmless?
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Commentary Saturday, Mar 28, 2015

The Messiah, Misunderstood

Once, during a trip to the United Kingdom, I had the opportunity to visit the National Gallery in London. This imposing complex of great buildings houses some of the finest examples of art from the Renaissance and earlier periods, along with works of art from more recent times. As I walked through the great galleries and observed the ancient paintings, large and small, I was struck by the recurring theme of most of the works, especially from the Middle Ages up through the 19th century. They were almost exclusively religious scenes, or depictions of biblical stories, biblical characters, various saints and often events in the life of Jesus Christ. Many paintings contained mythical characters such as winged cherubs shown as infants or small children. Further, many of the subjects in the paintings had halos or some other characteristic depiction of holiness or religiosity.
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Commentary Thursday, Mar 26, 2015

Are you being taught a false Gospel?

The true Gospel is the most vital message this world has ever received.  It is the message Jesus and the Apostles preached.  It is the message the faithful Church of God proclaims today.  It is also a message that is often misunderstood and even shamefully attacked!
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