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LCN Personal - March/April - 2018

The New Challenge of Reaching the Secular-minded

Dear Brethren, Shopping is distasteful to me. When I go into a store (with the exception of Bass Pro Shop) I have a purpose in mind and want to get out as fast as I can, but that is not always easy. It was relatively easy to buy “tennis shoes” when I was young. Even if you did not play tennis, that’s what everyone called athletic shoes. There might be two brands and all you had to do was find the right size ...Read more »

Sermon - Friday, Apr 20, 2018 - Ken Frank

Rejoice in the LORD Always

CAD Comments - Friday, April 20, 2018

Douglas S. Winnail

In our modern “wired” world, many people feel disconnected and lonely. Yet the Bible has practical advice to offer. The Scriptures reveal that if we want to have friends, we must learn to be friendly, and that true friends are supportive during difficult times (Proverbs 17:17; 18:24). Are we friendly, and do we look for ways to lend support to others? Friends are people we can confide in and share important thoughts and concerns with (John 15:15)...Show more »

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Behind the Work - 2014

Our Philadelphian Mission

What is the mission of God's Church? What is the work that God wants His Church to be doing? Watch this exciting film about true Christianity, preaching the Gospel of the return of Jesus Christ, feeding the flock, and helping prepare a people for the coming Kingdom of God.

Why Must We Preach the Kingdom of God?
What Is the Gospel?

LCN Article - March/April - 2018

How Will You Approach Deleavening

Jesus gave four categories of people in the Parable of the Sower. Some seeds landed by the wayside and birds of the air devoured them. Other seeds fell on stony places with little soil. They came up quickly but then died in the heat. Then there were the seeds that fell among thorns and failed to produce, because the weeds choked them. Finally, we read about the seeds that fell on good ground. These produced well, with crops of varying size (Matthew 13:3–8). Jesus later gave the spiritual significance, showing that different people respond differently to the message of the Kingdom of God (Matthew 13:18–23). ...Read more »

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