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Will the dawn of a new century bring worldwide nuclear devastation, or will it usher in an era of lasting peace? Will the prophesied “Battle of Armageddon” overwhelm the planet? Will humanity survive? What does the Bible say? Is Armageddon really coming? Read More »

What's ahead for Russia?

This last decade has witnessed changes on the world scene which would have seemed unimaginable, even to informed observers, throughout most of this century. At the center of these dramatic changes have been events in Russia, the heart of the old Soviet Union. Read More »

Why we get high

Why do millions abuse chemical substances? Is there a missing dimension in their lives? Are there real answers to these troubling questions? Read More »

Sea gates in peril

Vital sea gates—ocean passageways such as the Panama Canal and the Straits of Gibraltar—are being fought over, and even changing hands. Yet these changes, so critical to global commerce and regional defense, seldom rate front-page headlines. Read More »

Do you really want to eat that?

Why did God prohibit eating certain foods? Should you follow those same instructions today? Read More »

A fourth Reich?

What is Germany’s future? Bible prophecy and German history offer important clues! Read More »

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