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The Bible Code: What enthusiasts overlook

Many have wondered about the “Bible code.” Does it prove that God inspired the Bible? Does it really predict the future? Does it give us remarkable new insights into Scripture and the world around us? Michael Drosnin’s 1997 book, The Bible Code, was an instant best-seller that enlivened talk shows and spawned a series of “copycat” novels, films and videos that were immediately snatched up by a fascinated public. Read More »

Is God really a Trinity?

The most universally acknowledged teaching about the nature of God in professing Chrisitanity is the doctrine of the “Trinity.” As shocking as it may seem, this doctrine is not found in the Bible. Read More »

Legalized gambling: Economic boom or social bust?

Type “gambling” in any Internet search engine. Scores and scores of listings will pop up. You will find casinos across the United States, along with a host of “virtual casinos” that exist solely online. The gambling industry is thriving—and has gone high-tech. Read More »

Who is the Harlot of Revelation 17?

Who is the mysterious “Harlot” of Revelation 17? This is a puzzle to millions of people—and even to many theologians. Yet the Word of God devotes most of an entire chapter—plus many references elsewhere—to this vital topic. Read More »

Are Angels for real?

There is an angel craze now extant among multitudes of religious people. Do angels really exist? Read More »

Know your adversary!

Does Satan exist? What are his methods and his purposes? How do you combat his influence? Read More »

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