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Satanists want space in Oklahoma.

Satan worshipers want to erect a statue of their own beside a Ten Commandments monument outside the Oklahoma State House (Associated Press, January 6, 2014). They claim, “The statue will also have a functional purpose as a chair where people of all ages may sit on the lap of Satan for inspiration and contemplation” (ibid.). While many doubt that such a monument will be approved, an ACLU lawsuit could complicate the matter (ibid.). Read More »

Acid oceans and Bible prophecy.

The world’s oceans are becoming more acidic at an “unprecedented rate” as they absorb more human-produced carbon dioxide emissions (, November 14, 2013).  Acidification is faster in colder waters, and it is especially damaging to shell-forming marine animals like oysters, shrimp, lobsters and plankton—and this threatens the economic livelihood of societies that depend on these marine creatures (ibid.). As atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide rise and oceans become more acidic, vital creatures in ocean food chains are dying off (The Times, January 3, 2014). Studies reveal that over 90 percent of oyster “spat” (larva) in oyster farms along the Oregon and Washington coasts are dying due to increasingly acidic water (ibid.). In Antarctica, shells of sea snails are dissolving in a more acidic environment—sea snails are an important food source that can affect creatures further up the food chain (ibid.). Read More »

Anglicans and the Vatican move closer.

Ecumenical activities are increasing between Anglicans and the Vatican.  “Pope Francis is being credited with the new ‘ecumenical spring’ after the chill brought on by the ordination of women and moves towards women bishops in the Church of England and wider Anglican Communion” (The Times, January 4, 2014). The Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury seem to have “a meeting of souls as much as a meeting of minds” (ibid.). Read More »

Biblical Values Overcome Perpetual Poverty

A recent Georgetown University study showed that when people in the lowest caste in an Indian city began to follow Biblical values, they were much more likely to break the poverty cycle (Catholic News Agency, December 20, 2013). Biblical values like hard work, integrity, taking care of one’s home and planning for the future were central to people breaking free of their generations-old cycle of poverty (ibid.). In addition, the Biblical value of caring about others, exemplified by regular pastoral visits to the homes of adherents, greatly decreased the incidence of domestic violence (ibid.). According to the study’s lead author, “Conversion activates in the converts a powerful new concept of value and initiative…” and it provides “a radically different way of seeing themselves... as a new creation, a new identity, made in the image of God, seeking a better life for themselves” (ibid.). Read More »

Atrocities in the Central African Republic (CAR)

Conditions are deteriorating in the CAR, foreign governments are evacuating their citizens, and African Union and French forces are being sent to quell the violence which is mostly Muslim vs. Christian (BBC, December 31, 2013). There are more than 6,000 child soldiers in CAR, and factions are murdering and beheading children in “atrocious revenge attacks,” in a clear violation of international humanitarian law (ibid.). Also, thousands of children in South Sudan have been separated from their parents due to the fighting in that nation (BBC, December 30, 2013). Read More »

Will Jews Pray on the Temple Mount?

For centuries, Jews have been forbidden to pray on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem—a site that is only open to Muslim worship (The Times, December 23, 2013). However, there is a growing movement in Israel for Jews to be able to pray where the ancient Temple stood. Read More »

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