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LCN Personal - May/June - 2016

Personal - The Spirit of Power!

 Dear Brethren and Friends, As Pentecost approaches, it is important that we all focus on the Holy Spirit of God. For God’s Spirit was poured out on the multitude on that very first Pentecost of the New Testament Church (Acts 2:15–17). It powerfully changed their lives—as we shall see. Pentecost is regarded as the “Feast of firstfruits” in Exodus 23:16 ...Read more »

Sermon - Friday, Jun 24, 2016 - Gerald Weston

Be of Good Courage

Answers to your questions

Is it wrong to pray to Jesus Christ? Find out »

On television

 Can We Trust the Bible?
 Wednesday, Jun 22, 2016

CAD Comments - Friday, June 24, 2016

Watch World News!

Jesus told His disciples to watch for the fulfillment of Bible prophecies indicating that the end of the age and His second coming are near (Matthew 24:42-44; 25:13). However, these same prophecies reveal that many will be surprised by dramatic events that will mark the arrival of the last days, because most do not understand the prophetic significance of world events they are seeing in the news...Show more »

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Behind the Work - 2014

Our Philadelphian Mission

What is the mission of God's Church? What is the work that God wants His Church to do be doing? Watch this exciting film about true Christianity, preaching the Gospel of the return of Jesus Christ, feeding the flock, and helping prepare a people for the coming Kingdom of God.

Why Must We Preach the Kingdom of God?
What Is the Gospel?

LCN Article - May/June - 2016

Editorial - Build Genuine Faith

 I have just finished reading a New York Times Op/Ed article entitled, “Death, the Prosperity Gospel and Me.” It is a very touching piece by a woman diagnosed with cancer, describing how she has studied and been influenced by the so-called “prosperity gospel”—and how, when told she had stage-four cancer, she was devastated and began to search for answers.  ...Read more »

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