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LCN Personal - January/February - 2015

Personal - Pray for Our Financial Growth!

 Dear Brethren and Friends, I can honestly and sincerely tell you that this recent Feast of Tabernacles celebration was the most unified and inspiring Feast many of us have ever experienced. A number of our brethren and ministers have reported on the inspiring sermons and activities of the Feast this year. Also, as a number of our “updates” have reported, Almighty God intervened at least several times in acts of divine protection and direct healing that took place at Feast sites all over the world ...Read more »

Sermon - Friday, Feb 12, 2016 - Rod McNair

Do You Need a Spiritual Breakthrough?

Answers to your questions

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On television

 Global Utopia: The Impossible Dream
 Wednesday, Feb 10, 2016

CAD Comments - Friday, February 12, 2016

Why Persecution of Professing Christians?

In recent years, news agencies have reported an uptick in persecution against professing Christians, all over the world. Why is this happening? What does it have to do with end-time prophecy? Perhaps a clue can be found in a recent Vatican announcement, about a planned meeting between the pope and the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church. This meeting is to take place tomorrow (as of this writing), February 12, in Cuba...Show more »

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Behind the Work - 2014

Our Philadelphian Mission

What is the mission of God's Church? What is the work that God wants His Church to do be doing? Watch this exciting film about true Christianity, preaching the Gospel of the return of Jesus Christ, feeding the flock, and helping prepare a people for the coming Kingdom of God.

Why Must We Preach the Kingdom of God?
What Is the Gospel?

LCN Article - January/February - 2015

Festival 2015: A Year to Remember

The Feast of Tabernacles 2015 came as the exciting highlight of another year that God’s people spent shining their lights by living His way in a troubled world. More than 10,500 brethren in 31 countries and 52 Feast sites around the world came together to rejoice before God and share their mutual hopes for the future. The reports below convey just a small taste of the joys and experiences we all shared as a family this year in the many places where Almighty God placed His name. ...Read more »

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