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Commentary Thursday, October 23, 2014

Patience...Mercy...Longsuffering... Forgiveness

These are hard words.  They’re easy to say, and easy to ask for, but much harder to give – at least sometimes. I’m convinced that, much of the time, I’m just about the most easy-going person in the world.  At least, I feel like the most easy-going person I know.  But other times...
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Commentary Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014

Truth in Jest

 There is an old adage that states “many a true word is said in jest.” This phrase literally means that the truth is often found in comic utterances. This expression has been around longer than we appreciate; it’s also painfully true.
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Commentary Saturday, Oct 18, 2014

The Way to Peace

The search for peace is a major concern in the world today. People pray for peace. They light candles for peace. They march in the streets and stage demonstrations to promote peace and prevent war. Yet, strife, violence and war continue. Is there a reason? Why have the concerted efforts of intelligent human beings for more than a century failed to find a lasting peace between nations and peoples?
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