Weekly Update

February 28th, 2019

Greetings from Charlotte,

Tomorrow’s World Presentations were given this past week by Dr. Douglas Winnail in Durban and Port Elizabeth, South Africa; by Mr. Stuart Wachowicz in Surrey, British Columbia; and by me in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. All told, we had 116 guests and 193 members attend these presentations. Dr. Winnail will hold another presentation in Cape Town this Sabbath, followed by a ministerial conference on Sunday in Johannesburg. Several more TWPs will be given this weekend, including one by Mr. Ames in Richmond, Virginia. Last Sunday, I conducted a conference for elders and deacons for the congregations surrounding the Baton Rouge area. I served in Lake Charles, Alexandria, and Monroe, Louisiana in the early 1970s and it was exciting to see members who have remained faithful all these years, and it was a pleasure getting to meet for the first time a number of men and women who are serving in the area.—Gerald Weston  


Church Administration

Passover 2019—Repeat Announcement

Important Notice to All Pastors: In 2019, the Passover Service will be observed on Thursday evening, April 18. Please let us know as soon as possible if any of the congregations you serve will need additional Passover Service supplies (bread trays and/or wine trays or glasses) or a copy of the Passover Service recording and letter instructions (available in English, French, and Spanish). To ensure timely delivery and to save on shipping costs, we need this information before March 19 for U.S. congregations. International requests should already have been submitted.

Also, please let us know of any scattered members who are unable to keep the Passover with a congregation and who need to receive the Passover Service recording and letter instructions for observing it at home. International needs should already be here, and U.S. requests should be received before March 19. Please direct your requests to the Church Administration Department at [email protected] as soon as possible.


Tomorrow’s World Viewpoint Now on Facebook

We are pleased to announce our recent launch of a Facebook page for the Tomorrow’s World Viewpoint. On it we will be sharing Viewpoint videos in the hopes of reaching a slightly different audience than YouTube alone. If you are on Facebook, consider checking out the page, and please click the “Like” button as this will encourage Facebook to promote posts from Tomorrow’s World Viewpoint. We will be posting a mix of old and new videos over the coming months, and hope to incorporate additional content such as sharing related news articles in the future. Just search for “Tomorrow’s World Viewpoint” on Facebook.—Michael Heykoop


Charlotte BRiC Weekend (Memorial Day Weekend)An Opportunity for Singles

Plans are now underway for the Charlotte BRiC (Building Relationships in Christ) Weekend! Singles of all ages can begin making plans to join us in Charlotte, North Carolina during the Memorial Day Weekend, May 24–27. This will be a great opportunity for singles to connect, build friendships, and learn more of God’s way of life. There will be Bible Studies, BRiC Talks, team activities, and a dinner and dance. Registration for the weekend will open soon. Upcoming announcements will provide more details. If you have any questions regarding the weekend, please contact Mr. Jacob Hall ([email protected]) for more information.


Living Education

Living Education Online

If you have been following along with our “Life, Teachings, and Ministry of Jesus Christ” course, then you’ve noticed that all the lessons for the final unit are now available. Congratulations to those of you who have completed the course! We’ll begin our next class, on the book of Acts, after the Days of Unleavened Bread.

In the meantime, we’re finalizing a pre-Passover short course focusing on the Passover. This seven-lesson course will be titled “The Biblical Passover.” With an introduction by Mr. Weston, and interviews with the authors of various articles focusing on different aspects of the Passover, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this special course. The first lesson will begin on March 24.—Jonathan McNair


Feast of Tabernacles

Feast Planning 2019

This week we are finalizing Feast website write-ups and videos, and working on Feast ministerial assignments. Soon, we will be opening up the Feast website to coordinators to make their adjustments or additions to the site. As mentioned last week, we are expecting the Feast website to go live by the middle of March.


International Congregational Assignments for the Feast of Tabernacles 2019—Updated

If you live outside the United States, please consult the following list to find out what Feast site your local congregation is assigned to. When registration opens, you may request to transfer to a site other than your assigned site. Please do not make housing reservations until you have registered and have been approved for your choice of site. [Note: The assignments in the Philippines and Kenya have been updated, as well as the location of the Feast site in Ontario.]


Argentina: Buenos Aires, Libertador San Martin, Rio Grande, Rosario

Bolivia: Cochabamba


Australia: Port Macquarie, New South Wales

Australia Capital City: Canberra

Queensland: Brisbane

New South Wales: Sydney


Australia: Warrnambool, Victoria

South Australia: Adelaide, North Adelaide

Tasmania: Devonport

Victoria: Melbourne

Western Australia: Perth


Barbados: Pebble Beach

Christ Church


Cameroon (not open to international transfers)

Cameroon: Douala

Gabon: Libreville


Canada: Penticton, British Columbia

Alberta: Bonnyville, Calgary, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Lethbridge, Red Deer

British Columbia: Aldergrove, Coombs, Cranbrook, Kelowna, Terrace, Victoria


Canada: Gimli, Manitoba

Manitoba: Brandon, Winnipeg

Ontario: Fort Frances, Thunder Bay

Saskatchewan: Prince Albert, Regina, Saskatoon, Yorkton


Canada: Liverpool, Nova Scotia

New Brunswick: Fredericton, Moncton

Newfoundland and Labrador: Gander, Springdale/Grand Falls, St. Johns

Nova Scotia: Halifax, Trenton


Canada: Rockland, Ontario

New Brunswick: Edmundston

Ontario: Barrie, Guelph, Kingston, London, Mississauga, Ottawa, Peterborough, St. Catharines, Sudbury, Toronto, Windsor

Quebec: Montreal, Quebec City, Saguenay


Chile: El Quisco

Chile: Santiago, Temuco


Colombia: La Tebaida, Quindío

Colombia: Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, Bogota, Cali, Manizales, Medellin, Sevilla

Venezuela: Barquisimeto


Costa Rica: Punta Leona

San José


Côte d’Ivoire: Abidjan (not open to international transfers)



France: Carry-le-Rouet

Belgium: Brussels

France: Angoulême, Lyon, Paris, Strasbourg

Germany: Karlsruhe

Netherlands: Eindhoven, Utrecht

Switzerland: Geneva


Guatemala: Tecpan, Chimaltenango

El Salvador: San Salvador

Guatemala: Coatepeque, Mazatenango

Honduras: Tegucigalpa


Guyana: Georgetown



Guyana: Lethem (not open to international transfers)

Brazil: Moscou

Guyana: Awarewaunau


Haiti: Gros Morne (not open to international transfers)

Gros Morne


Haiti: L’Asile (not open to international transfers)



Haiti: Port-au-Prince (not open to international transfers)



India: Goa (not open to international transfers)

India: Siolim

Sri Lanka: Colombo


India: Imphal (not open to international transfers)


Indonesia: Batu (not open to international transfers)



Jamaica: Montego Bay

Jamaica: Kingston, Mandeville, Ocho Rios, Montego


Kenya: Kendu Bay (not open to international transfers)

Kenya: Alara, Andigno Opanga, Awendo, Kendu Bay, Kindu Got, Kisii, Kokuro, Kosele, Lila, Luanda Dudi, Migori, Migori-Giribe, Migori-Sagero, Ndhiwa, Nyalenda, Nyangina, Opoya, Othoro, Rusinga

Uganda: Fort Portal, Kampala


Malaysia: Penang

Malaysia: Bahau, Johor Baru, Kuala Lumpur

Singapore: Singapore


Martinique: Ste. Luce

Guadeloupe: Gosier

Martinique: Fort-de-France

Saint Martin: Mont Vernon

Sint Maarten: Upper Prince’s Quarter


Mexico: San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

La Paz, Monterrey, Mexico City, Queretaro, San Luis Potosi


Myanmar: Kalaymyo (not open to international transfers)

Sakangyi, Kalaymyo


New Zealand: Taupo

Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton, Invercargill, Palmerton North, Rotorua, Tauranga, Timaru, Wellington, Whangarei


Nigeria (not open to international transfers)

Benin: Cotonou

Nigeria: Lagos


Papua New Guinea: Port Moresby (not open to international transfers)


Peru (not open to international transfers)

Cerro de Pasco-Panao, Lima, Piura, Tingo Maria, Trujillo


Philippines: Baguio City

Baguio City, Daet, Lilo-An, Quezon City, Orion, Tacloban, San Mateo, Puerto Princesa City


Philippines: Davao area (not open to international transfers)

Cebu, Compostela, Davao City, Koronadal, Monkayo, Macebolig, Polomolok


Philippines: Don Carlos area (not open to international transfers)

Bogabongan, Cagayan de Oro, Don Carlos, Kiara, Mauswagon, San Fernando


Philippines: Maranding area (not open to international transfers)

Claveria, Iligan City, Maranding, Sindangan


South Africa: Port Shepstone, KwaZulu-Natal

Lesotho: Maseru

South Africa: Bloemfontein, Durban, Johannesburg, Kimberley, Pretoria, Welkom

Swaziland: Piggs Peak

Zimbabwe: Harare


South Africa: Stillbaai, Western Cape

South Africa: Cape Town, George, Port Elizabeth


Tanzania: Nansio, Ukerewe (not open to international transfers)

Burundi: Bujumbura

Kenya: Embu, Kitui, Limuru, Meru, Nairobi, Nakuru, Sultan Hamud, Rongo, Voi

Tanzania: Bunda, Kisorya, Muluseni, Musoma, Nansio


Thailand: Mae Sot (not open to international transfers)

Thailand: Mae Sot, Than Song Yang


Togo: Afagnan (not open to international transfers)



Trinidad and Tobago: Lowlands, Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago: Chaguanas, San Fernando


United Kingdom: Harrogate

Channel Islands: Jersey

Republic of Ireland: Dublin

United Kingdom: Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Chester, Glasgow, Hook, Kettering, Llandudno, Llanfallteg, London, Manchester, Pontefract, Sevenoaks, Taunton, Wadebridge


Vanuatu (not open to international transfers)

Luganville, Norsup, Port Vila


Living Youth Program

Living Youth Friday Evening Bible Study

The online Friday evening Teen Bible Study on March 8 will finish Mark 2 and begin chapter 3. It will be given by Mr. Sheldon Monson. Join us at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. The chatroom will be open 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the study.

To join, just visit livingyouth.org, and follow the links to “Friday Evening Bible Study.” If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. For those who are unable to make it to the study, archives of previous Living Youth Bible Studies, including last evening’s introducing the book of Mark and covering Mark 1 and 2, can be found on the Living Youth website.

There are only two more Friday evening Bible Studies before the summer break. They will be on March 8 and 15.—Josh Penman


Adventure Camp 2019—Camper Registration Extended

Registration for staff positions for this year’s Adventure Camp have closed. However, we have extended registration for campers as we still have some openings available! If you’re between the ages of 13 and 20, and would be interested in joining us for this trip, please see camp.livingyouth.org/Camps/Adventure for information or to begin the registration process. This extended registration period won’t be open forever, so don’t miss out!

Registration for all other North American camps continues! See camp.livingyouth.org for information on this year’s camps.—Joshua Penman



Consider the Heavens: In Psalm 8:34, David wrote: “When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers… what is man that You are mindful of him?” What a profound and important question to ponder! Why not take a few minutes this evening to consider the heavens ourselves? Consider why you are here and where you are going. Tell God you are thankful that, in spite of how tiny and insignificant we are compared to Him, He has given us a future and a hope.

When we look at the stars, we are looking at our inheritance! We are catching a glimpse of the reality of God’s coming Kingdom. And we need that reminder, especially in our distraction-heavy world. Paul took David’s statement one step further. He explained that the heavens remind us that God’s Kingdom is coming and the Earth and the heavens are man’s inheritance. He wrote, “He put all in subjection under [mankind]…. But now we do not yet see all things put under [mankind]” (Hebrews 2:8). “All things” can be understood as the entire universe!

God’s plan is awesome and wonderful. It is so much bigger than the here-and-now of our day to day world. We need to think about it. Take a moment tonight to ponder your destiny. Consider the heavens!

Have a wonderful Sabbath,

Rod McNair


News and Prophecy—February 28, 2019

Will Russia Aim Missiles at the U.S. Again? The Cold War ended in 1989 when the Berlin Wall was torn down, and with Russia’s “opening” to the West. That thaw in relations led to the dismantling of the Soviet Union and even some of its former “satellite nations” joining NATO. Thirty years later, we are witnessing a re-freezing of relations between Russia and the West. Just last week, Deutsche Welle reported: “In his state-of-the-nation address, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the US of unilaterally withdrawing from the INF [Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces] treaty” (February 20, 2019). The United States has accused Russia of breaching the INF treaty with the development of its new cruise missilea missile that Russia, until recently, denied was in its arsenal. Russia also denies that the missile breaches the treaty. According to Deutsche Welle, Mr. Putin said that his country “was not seeking confrontation despite the US withdrawing from the [treaty], but that it would deploy missiles if the US chose to do so.” Putin also announced that Russia is developing both a hypersonic missile and a thermonuclear drone weapon carried aboard submarines that could be used to carry out such a threat.

Will Russia attack the West (including the U.S.) in the near future, or is Mr. Putin just posturing to discourage the placement of American missiles in Europe, presumably for defense against potential Russian aggression? Bible prophecy warns that at the end of the age, a massive 200-million-man army will form in the east along the Euphrates, and weapons will be unleashed that will kill one-third of mankind (Revelation 9:13–16)! Tremendous military, monetary, human, and other resources will be needed to muster and support such a destructive force. Russia is one of the great nations east of Jerusalem, and currently the one with the greatest military resources. Could it be part of this coming “greatest army in history”? The Bible sheds more light on this subject. To learn more, be sure to read or listen to our insightful booklet, Revelation: The Mystery Unveiled.

Religion and Depression: A 2012 study showed that those who believe that religion or spirituality are “highly important” are less likely to be depressed than those who do not hold this belief—even among those with a family history of depression (American Journal of Psychiatry, January 2012). New brain research shows that religion and spirituality cause changes in neurological structures in the region of the brain associated with depression. Even among those with a family history of depression, the brains of those who are religious and spiritual look more like the brains of those without depression (PsyPost.com, February 3, 2019). Researchers believe these positive changes in brain structure are caused by personal belief that religion and spirituality are very important. However, they caution that these differences may not last if one’s beliefs about the importance of religion change.

The great God who created the human body and the brain, long ago gave ten powerful commandments, recorded in Exodus 20. The first four of these commandments make plain that God is to be worshiped, and show us how to do this. This same God instructed His people that, if they would highly value their belief in Him by constantly seeking and obeying Him, they would not experience the diseases they had previously seen come upon the Egyptians (Exodus 15:26). God also promised “great peace” (Psalm 119:165) and happiness (Psalm 146:5) to those who maintain their focus on Him. It is exciting to see modern research bearing out the benefits of maintaining a strong spiritual focuswith even the structures in the brain reflecting differences for the better. For more insight into the life-changing impact of maintaining a powerful spiritual focus on God, be sure to read or listen to our booklet, The Ten Commandments.—Scott Winnail, Chris Sookdeo, and Francine Prater