Review Sites


Humanities and Social Sciences H–Net
H-Net is the largest online professional reviewing archive of books, articles and journals, media archives and galleries, research resources and discussions for scholars, teachers, and the interested public. There are over 46,000 free book reviews available on the web, email and in PDF.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review (BMCR)
The BMCR includes peer-reviews of scholarly classical studies (including archaeology) from 1990 to the present.

Marginalia LA Review of Books
Marginalia contains reviews, essays interviews, features and blogs on a wide range of subjects including literature, culture, history, theology, and religion.

Using this search engine you may search for a book or movie by name in many different genres including literature, science fiction, dramas, sci-fi movies, mysteries, comedies and more. Books are classified based on plot, setting, character and writing style. Summaries are very detailed and specific in providing the general outline of the plot, and also a very specific, searchable, breakdown of the plot, setting, character types, and style of the book or film in question.

This site contains trending book reviews and interviews, feature articles and blogs.

Here you will find book reviews, authors, blogs and feature articles.