Newspapers & Magazines


Allows you to search thousands of online magazines from all around the globe. You can pick the general topic area, then choose the magazine. Many magazine articles are available for free while others require payment.

Allows you to search thousands of online newspapers from around the globe.

New York Times
The largest U.S. metropolitan newspaper printed daily and internationally. It is well organized to enable one to quickly find articles of individual interest and allows for topical searches.

EU Observer
Independent online newspaper established in Brussels in 2000 which provides up-to-date coverage of the European Union. It is financially and editorially independent of the EU institutions.

The Wall Street Journal
An international daily newspaper primarily covering the U.S. and international financial news but includes other easily found and well-organized topics such as health, sports, arts, and politics.

The Telegraph
Distributed throughout the United Kingdom and internationally. The Telegraph website provides the latest news, business, sports, etc. It includes content from the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph newspapers and videos from Telegraph TV. It allows for topical searches.

The Times of London 
A national daily newspaper published in the United Kingdom since 1788 and regarded as Britain’s newspaper of record. It has played an influential role in politics and shaping public opinion about foreign events and allows for topical searches.

Washington Post
Established in 1877, this is the largest newspaper in Washington, D.C. and regarded as among the leading daily American newspapers. It allows for topical searches.