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Founder, editor, and publisher Christopher W. Ruddy runs this website. is described as “the leading independent online news site with a conservative perspective.”
This is a forum for the posting and discussion of current news of a political bent, including selections by columnist Lucianne Goldberg.

Drudge Report
A U.S. based news website consisting primarily of links to stories from the U.S. and international mainstream media about politics, entertainment, and current events as well as links to popular columnists. Links include US News, USA Today, ABC, NBC, CBS News, FOXNEWS, Jerusalem Post, LA Times, Newsweek and dozens more.  It also allows topical searches.

NOTE: Most online news sources offer free email news alerts and newsletters, customized to your personal interests. When registering at these sites you should provide only your name or email address. To register for this service just list one of these sources followed by "News Alert." For example, "Yahoo News Alert." Other news sites include Google, CNN, FOX, CBS, ABC, and EurekAlert-Science News.