May 14, 2010

May 14th, 2010

Roderick C. Meredith (1930-2017)

Dear Tomorrow’s World Subscriber,

Greetings from Charlotte, NC! Once again, I am delighted to write all of you subscribers a personal letter informing you about “key” events and prophetic happenings around the world and about the real meaning of this Work. Very few ministers or churchgoers even begin to understand the details of prophetic events. They often do know, that, “Christ is coming back someday.” Or, “America is being punished for our terrible sins.” But they do not know the specific events—many now underway—that are going to shake the British and American peoples, and others, as they have never been shaken before! There is literally no other Work on the earth that can give you the details of this information, and which will give you genuine understanding and instruction about how to prepare for your part in the soon-coming Kingdom of God! Later in this letter, I’ll offer a special DVD gift for you, which will give you “inside information” about what is really behind this Work, and will help you understand even more what it is all about!

Countless millions of Americans are deeply concerned about our nation’s future. They are beginning to realize that—after the last year or two of horrifying financial crisis and the increasing mistrust of government—America will never be the same again. They instinctively know that “something” is going on! Many leaders in the right-wing media also fear what is happening and are giving you part of the picture. Glenn Beck recently revealed that his worst fear is that a “Reichstag moment”—a catastrophic event bringing an end to our beloved Republic—may soon take place because of ongoing events in our nation. Many in Britain are concerned about the direction of things there.

But these media leaders—often called “fear-mongers”—do not and cannot understand what is truly ahead. For God has not called them to the understanding of who the British and American people really are. They do not understand the reality of the soon-coming government of God to be set up on this earth under Jesus Christ. They do not understand the laws of that government which will soon be set up—and how each of us ought to be preparing to take part in that government under Jesus Christ. They cannot understand—not through their own fault, but because God has not “called” them yet. Jesus Christ Himself stated, “No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him; and I will raise him up at the last day” (John 6:44).

My friends, somewhere on this earth the Eternal God has true servants who do understand exactly what is happening, where it is leading and what to do about it. God’s Word tells us, “If a trumpet is blown in a city, will not the people be afraid? If there is calamity in a city, will not the Lord have done it? Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets” (Amos 3:6-7).

So the God of the Bible here clearly states that He will “reveal His secret” to His true servants. There are untold thousands of sincere ministers, priests and rabbis out there. They mean well. Many of them know part of the Truth. But, unless God has genuinely called them, they do not know or remotely understand the Big Picture. Our ancestors, Adam and Eve, partook of the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” (Genesis 2:9). Ever since then, humanity has had this “mixture” in its thinking and in the way all of humanity approaches life. So the world is not—as some might say—“all evil.” But if you mix just a little cyanide with an otherwise wholesome cup of soup, it will kill you! So it is with the underlying philosophical/theological approach of humanity.

Under the sway of the invisible Satan—who is definitely the “god of this age” (2 Corinthians 4:4)—many religious leaders, politicians and people are constantly “mixing in” much evil with a little bit of good. And the result will be cosmocide—the destruction of all life off this planet—if it continues, just as Jesus Christ stated. For Jesus warned, “For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be. And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened” (Matthew 24:21-22). So “no flesh” will be saved alive except for God’s intervention by sending Jesus Christ back as King of kings.

Truly, my friends, this world does not know how to govern itself. The idea of a “one world government” is not crazy—it is just that man cannot and will not be in charge of such a government. For he is incapable of doing this. Rather, as we have told you so many times and as God’s Word reveals, the time will soon come when a mighty angel will sound a trumpet announcing that, “The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!” (Revelation 11:15). It is clear that Christ’s Kingdom will be set up on this earth (Revelation 5:9-10). Again, Revelation 11:15 states that “the kingdoms of this world” are to be taken over by Jesus Christ—not some ethereal kingdom up in heaven somewhere with its inhabitants having virtually nothing to do except play harps! That, as most of you know, is a false and pagan concept which completely obscures the direct words of the Bible, denies God’s plan, and negates the entire purpose for which God may be calling you now. For God’s true saints are called to prepare for a literal government to be set up on this earth—probably within the lifetimes of most of you! As the Apostle Paul stated, “Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if the world will be judged by you, are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters? Do you not know that we shall judge angels? How much more, things that pertain to this life?” (1 Corinthians 6:2-3).

Why, oh why, don’t the “mainstream” ministers take these verses seriously? Why do they persist in their completely unbiblical concepts of “going off to heaven” with nothing to do? Why do they persist in trying to pretend that Christ “did away” with the very law of His Father—which will be the very basis of Christ’s coming government? Why do most of them completely avoid the subject of prophecy? Or, if they do touch upon it, they usually fail miserably to understand what is already beginning to happen and where it is leading?

Hopefully, having read Tomorrow’s World magazine for many months, most of you realize that this very Work—the Tomorrow’s World telecast and Tomorrow’s World magazine—are truly “different.” You know that we tell you about the very “real” God who is now beginning to intervene to bring down the British-descended and American peoples because of our national sins! Many of you remember how God’s true servants and the Work of which we are a continuation prophesied directly that the great “sea gates” of the Suez Canal, the Strait of Hormuz, the Strait of Malacca and others would be “taken away” from our peoples! Remember how Herbert W. Armstrong specifically predicted, three decades in advance, that the nations of eastern Europe would “break away” from the Soviet Union, and that the Berlin Wall would come down? These things and many other specific things have happened! In my almost 58 years in Christ’s ministry, I have been part of this Work proclaiming these very things all over the world. I have seen it happen with my own eyes. I know that God is real! That He is powerful! And that He is beginning to intervene now in a way He has not done since the parting of the Red Sea!

Before going on, let me tell you what this Work is now accomplishing—what your prayers and support are producing. And where it is all leading.

The first four months of 2010 have been exciting for Tomorrow’s World television coverage and our Tomorrow’s World publications. Amazing because of the times we are in. Due to 2008’s and 2009’s economic downturn, which seriously affected most of our subscribers around the world, and affected us, we had to make some serious budget adjustments. This enabled us not only to continue our free services and publications for spiritually starving people around the world, but to expand them! As all our long-time subscribers know, we never ask the public for money, and we never will. This is no gimmick. There is no catch. You do not have to worry about me asking you for money. Other religious organizations are constantly and incessantly appealing to and begging the public for donations or asking them to buy excessively over-priced products, which are often couched as “donations.” You be the judge. We do not do that. We truly believe that we have freely received, and that we should freely give as Jesus Christ instructed His disciples in Matthew 10:8.

Yet, the past four months have been exciting because we are seeing significant increases in the number of people we are reaching and the literal tons of publications we are mailing totally free of charge around the world. And this is occurring in spite of the significant budget cuts we made last year. We are serious about giving, and we believe our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, is greatly blessing our efforts. In February and March, two of our telecasts generated more than 7,000 responses each—our largest TV responses so far.

The Tomorrow’s World television program is now reaching into every TV market in the United States and most of Canada. We are slowly but surely expanding TV in Australia from coast to coast, and across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scandinavia and Western Europe, New Zealand, South Africa, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamaica. We thank God for making it possible for us to air Tomorrow’s World television programs on more than 300 TV stations, broadcast networks, cable systems and satellite networks. We are presently working on adding local television coverage in China and the Middle East. We are airing on 12 Spanish-speaking radio stations, three French-speaking stations, and five English-speaking radio stations. Is there more to do? Absolutely, and we are determined to keep pressing forward with the resources God provides for this end-time Work.

As of today, Tomorrow’s World television program has been viewed by more than 21 million households around the world, effectively reaching more than 50 million people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our magazine circulation this month is up to 329,000, and we will keep doing all we can to build the circulation. In the last four months we have mailed more than 1.2 million publications, including more than 977,000 magazines and over 230,000 booklets, reprint articles, Bible lessons, CDs, DVDs and other publications—all totally free of charge.

In 2009, ministers of the Living Church of God conducted 52 Bible Lectures (Tomorrow’s World Special Presentations) in the USA, Canada, UK and South Africa that were attended by nearly 2,000 Tomorrow’s World subscribers. These presentations focused on the prophetic significance of world events making news today, and on what actually happened to the Church that Jesus Christ founded. Just last week, we held a General Ministerial Conference here in Charlotte that was attended by more than 230 of our ministers and wives from 18 countries. The sense of unity and shared sense of mission were truly inspiring. We are truly thankful to God for what is being done and needs to be done. The time is short.

Before closing, let me tell you about the inspiring and revealing “special offer” we have for you. If you wish to learn more about what is involved in this Work, we now offer you—absolutely free of charge—an exciting DVD which will give you the “inside story” of Tomorrow’s World telecast and of this Work more than I can do in this letter. You will see the leading personalities involved in producing the telecast and you will hear—straight from their hearts—why our presenters and leaders are involved in preaching this challenging message to the world even though it may bring severe persecution. You will “get to know” many of us through this DVD. So we hope that you will send for it, that you will “check us out,” and that God will move you to act on the awesome truths which you have been learning through the telecast, our magazines and our powerful booklets. As you will see, this Work is not a “one man show.” We have four truly inspired television presenters, dozens of other deeply converted leaders, and several thousand dedicated donors and co-workers who voluntarily back this Work with their prayers and their tithes and offerings. They realize where Christ is working. They want to do their part in the end-time Work which the Eternal God is now doing through His human servants.

And, while I am at it, what is holding you back? It is easy to just “go along” in your normal routine even though massive events are now beginning to occur all over the world in fulfillment of biblical prophecy. Truly the end of this present age is near. Now is the time to “lay up treasure in heaven” by your service to God and to your fellow man (Matthew 6:19-21). All of us who are “called” have a responsibility. We have a powerful Work to do! May God give you the faith and the courage to truly “prove all things” and act on the message He is giving you right now through this letter.

Meanwhile, my friends, thank you for your interest in this Work of the living Jesus Christ. Thank you for your prayers and your support. We pray that all of our listeners may be blessed by the understanding of world events and of the whole purpose of life which God has revealed to us and which we want to share with all of you. So be sure to write us today to request your absolutely free copy of this exciting DVD entitled, “Tomorrow’s World: Behind the Scenes.” It will give you an unusual insight into this Work which Christ is doing at the end of this age. Be sure to return the enclosed card in the envelope provided and we will send you this vital DVD, absolutely free, upon your request. May God grant each of you the faith and the courage to act on the Truth God has been revealing to you.

With Christian love,

Roderick C. Meredith

P.S. Don’t put it off! Return the card today and claim your free copy of this revealing DVD, “Tomorrow’s World: Behind the Scenes.”