January 16, 2009

January 16th, 2009

Roderick C. Meredith (1930-2017)

Dear Tomorrow’s World Subscriber,

Greetings from Charlotte, NC! About twice a year, I try to write all of you a personal letter letting you know more about this Work—and where we are going and why. Later on in this letter, I want to offer you a special gift which will open your eyes to some awesome prophetic events at the end of this age. So watch for this special exciting offer—our first ever of its kind!

 But now, my friends, why do we emphasize prophecy?

 Why do we devote so many Tomorrow’s World television programs and Tomorrow’s World articles to prophetic topics? As I grew up in a “mainstream” Protestant church, the topic of prophecy was very seldom mentioned—if at all. It was as if God was a sentimental old grandfather figure who wanted us to be “nice” just so we could “float off to heaven” with essentially nothing to do!

 Yet, today, we see all around us the beginnings of world-shaking events! And the true God—the God of your own Bible—devotes approximately one-fourth of His inspired Word to prophecy. About the only prophetic events even alluded to in much of “mainstream Christianity” are those comparatively few verses that talk about the first coming of Jesus Christ to become our Savior. That was a magnificent event, indeed, and a few dozen verses in your Bible predicted this occurrence.

 However, literally scores and hundreds of Bible verses are devoted to describing in detail the awesome end-time prophecies, the jaw-dropping, gut-wrenching events which will usher in an entire new world—Tomorrow’s World! And so these are the exciting prophecies we primarily speak and write about today. For they not only describe how mankind will come to the very brink of cosmocide, but how our Creator will literally save humanity from a condition that will be essentially hopeless just before He intervenes.

Is this world’s condition truly “hopeless”?

 Countless millions of people are beginning to wonder if that is the case. For this world is now faced with a larger number of potentially life-destroying problems than ever before. Even as I write, an escalating war is raging in the Middle East as the Israelis invade Gaza in an attempt to neutralize the Hamas terrorists. Everyone realizes that this war could quickly spread into a massive war which would draw in nations from all over the world!

 Now, Russia is increasingly flexing its muscles, as we saw during its invasion of the nation of Georgia, and recently has cut off shipments of natural gas to the Ukraine. Yet the Ukraine—in an act of self-preservation—is tapping into this pipeline against Russia’s wishes and so lowering the supply of natural gas to many nations of Europe at a time of extreme cold weather! Many of its neighbors are again beginning to fear the embrace of the “Russian bear”!

 Meanwhile, virtually all through Africa—from Somalia, to Kenya, to Zimbabwe to the Congo—countless thousands of human beings are being increasingly involved in violence, torture, rape, starvation and the beginnings of terrible disease epidemics which are overwhelming their ability to respond.

 In Western Europe and the United States, more and more millions of people are now losing their jobs, losing their homes and losing almost everything many of them have prayed for and worked for over a period of decades! Even in the recently successful nations of China and India, things are turning sour. Exports represent 40 percent of the Chinese economy and these exports are sinking fast! A gigantic “reverse migration” is beginning to occur in China with millions of jobless Chinese from the major cities heading back to the countryside where they grew up. They are finding it hard to care for themselves. This could quickly lead—as the Chinese authorities fear—to unrest, violence and a genuine challenge to the central government.

 Increasing numbers of people all over this earth are beginning to realize that their present human governments do not have genuine solutions to the growing problems nearly everyone is experiencing. The Creator God inspired the Apostle Paul to describe how “the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now” (Romans 8:22). With the water, the food supply and the very air we breathe becoming polluted, and with increasing number of plant and animal species in danger of becoming extinct, is it any wonder that the whole creation around us seems to “groan” with unutterable cries for help?

 Symbolically, God’s very creation is “crying out” for help! For until true Christians are resurrected and born again into the very Family of God—the soon-coming Government of Godeverything around us will continue to suffer. For the air, the water, the animals and especially all humans deeply need a truly righteous world government which can genuinely care about and “solve” the almost insurmountable ecological, social and spiritual problems of this confused world.

 However, mankind’s misguided ideas about how to institute a human government have always failed—and will continue to fail! Very few on earth truly believe the God of the Bible and what He says. However, as most of you know by now, we in this Work at Tomorrow’s World believe there is a real God. We believe that God did inspire the Bible. We believe that God says what He means and means what He says! So here is God’s statement about man’s ideas regarding government, “The Lord brings the counsel of the nations to nothing;He makes the plans of the peoples of no effect. The counsel of the Lord stands forever, the plans of His heart to all generations.Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people He has chosen as His own inheritance” (Psalm 33:10-12).

 Somewhere on this earth, there is a Work which the living Christ is leading, which will help people truly understand God’s purpose that He is working out among men and nations. In His mercy, God has brought you into contact with that Work at this time! Though we are certainly not perfect, we at Tomorrow’s World do understand what is happening—and what is going to happen—to our nations. Again, as many of you know, we predict specific events which have happened, and will happen, according to Bible prophecy. We are being used by Almighty God to powerfully warn the British-descended and American peoples of the coming Great Tribulation—prophecies now coming together in a specific manner which will soon affect all your lives!

 It is amazing and humbling when we reflect on what the great God has done in 2008 through the Tomorrow’s World publications, television, radio and the Internet. Let me share some significant strides from this past year.

Tomorrow’s World television added its 200th TV station or cable/satellite network for broadcasting the TV program, giving the telecast expanded coverage in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. In the United States alone, the telecast can now be viewed by more than 90 million households—78 percent of all American TV households. In Canada, Tomorrow’s World coverage is reaching about 9 million households, or 70 percent of all Canadian homes. We hope and pray more people will tune in to the telecast. Time is short.

Just this past year, through the television medium alone, more than 3 million new households in countries around the world watched the telecast for the first time. This brings the total number of viewing households since the telecast began to nearly 17 million, or one in eight of those households to whom the Tomorrow’s World broadcast is available.

 And in addition to over-the-air broadcasting, cable systems and satellite communications, the program can be viewed virtually anywhere in the world on the Internet—24 hours a day, seven days a week.

 Tomorrow’s World television viewers requested hundreds of thousands of pieces of literature and audio CDs this past year—all mailed totally free of charge. Just in 2008, we shipped more than 500,000 pounds (227,000 kilograms)—250 tons—of magazines, booklets, Bible lessons and other biblical publications around the world, and next month we will be printing the 10-millionth copy of the Tomorrow’s World magazine with the upcoming March-April 2009 edition.

 This last month, Tomorrow’s World circulation reached 418,000. The magazine has now been mailed to 163, or 84 percent, of the UN’s officially recognized countries around the world. Only 30 countries, comprising about 260 million human beings, have not received a single magazine copy that we know about, and most of these are heavily government-controlled countries that totally block and prohibit Christian literature of any kind. Besides the 163 countries already reached by the Tomorrow’s World magazine, this publication has also been mailed into 21 national dependent countries with a combined population of more than 10 million.

 As of this special letter, the Work of God has now mailed nearly 13 million magazine copies, booklets, Bible lessons, other publications, audio tapes and CDs to people around the world. We thank our Almighty God for His great blessings enabling this small but worldwide Work to grow and expand as it has this past year. There is still a staggering amount to do, and we are determined with all the strength God gives us to do it.

I hope that all of you dear brethren, co-workers and subscribers can appreciate how your tithes and offerings are being used to reach this world with the Good News of the coming Kingdom or Government of God! There is no other work on earth with this focus and this goal. With all our hearts, we intend to preach the full Truth of God, and we intend and are already in the process of restoring original Christianity among those who follow our teachings. That faith “once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 1-4) has been thrown aside and rejected by “mainstream” Christianity. Yet we are restoring this full Truth of the entire purpose and way of God. If you will read our literature carefully—as many of you are doing—you will come to understand the real meaning of life. You will grasp how God is working with each one of us to prepare us to be genuine “sons of God” in the coming resurrection from the dead. You will come to understand the reality of God’s soon-coming intervention in world affairs—within the lifetimes of most of you!

To help you more fully understand what is now beginning to occur, we have prepared for you a special selection of four prophetic telecast son DVD. This disc is entitled, The Power of Prophecy. This exciting selection of prophetic messages should increase your knowledge of what lies just ahead. As always, we want to give you this special offer as a free gift—with no charge whatsoever—as part of our service in preparing for the soon-coming Kingdom of God. So I invite you to request this very stirring DVD of prophetic telecasts by inserting the enclosed card in the preaddressed envelope. You truly need these prophetic messages to help you understand God’s Plan and what lies just ahead.

 We in this Work of the living Christ are different in that we really do believe in the God of the Bible! As I stated earlier, we believe that God’s Word is totally inspired—in that what He says, He will do. He always brings about these events in due time exactly as His Word indicates. So the God of the Bible has “called us” to be warning messengers to help you understand what lies just ahead. It is a Work of faith. We thank God and give Him praise and honor that He has called so many of you to help us over the years in carrying on this Work! That is why we are able to send out these free sermons, magazines, booklets and the Tomorrow’s World Bible Study Course free of charge.

 As prophetic events continue to come together all over this earth, we pray that God will open your eyes to understand and to act on His Truth. We are not here to gain favor or to be “popular”—or we would certainly be preaching a more mainstream message. But we do want to lay down our lives—as best we can—in helping you understand that we really are at the prophesied “time of the end,” and that each of us needs to genuinely surrender our lives to God and do what He says. It is in this spirit that we offer you this DVD of Tomorrow’s World  prophetic telecasts. Let us hear from you! We pray that each of you may have the faith and the courage to act on all the truths that you have been learning through His Work, and that you may be in His everlasting Kingdom!

With Christian love,

Roderick C. Meredith

P.S. Act now! Be sure to request this very inspiring and exciting DVD of prophetic messages. Return the enclosed card today! You will be glad you did.