Mrs. Sheryl Meredith
1946 - 2013

November 29th, 2013

Sheryl Meredith

Sheryl Ann Hensley and Roderick C. Meredith first met just a year after the death of Dr. Meredith’s first wife, Margie. Dr. Meredith, visiting the Bakersfield congregation of the Worldwide Church of God, had given a moving sermon about the resurrection of the dead, after which Mrs. Hensley came up to him and thanked him enthusiastically. Her first husband had died a few months previously, and she was still very emotional about it. Dr. Meredith was already lonesome himself, so he was struck by the enthusiasm, warmth and radiant beauty Sheryl displayed. So he arranged for a “date” with her the next time he was in Bakersfield… which “just happened to be” a week or two later. Their love for each other grew swiftly, and their courtship only lasted about five months before they married. The new Mrs. Meredith quickly began her life of helping Dr. Meredith, with her usual enthusiasm, and she quickly found herself being a stepmother to his four children, including two who were still living at home—Jim and Rebecca (now Mrs. Phil Sena). She also very graciously began to entertain scores of brethren, ministers and wives, and dozens of Ambassador College students—especially when Dr. Meredith was serving as Deputy Chancellor of Ambassador College in Big Sandy, Texas, from 1986 to 1989. Mrs. Meredith had a habit of reaching out to the “little people” in both the church and the college. She always sincerely tried to be a maidservant of Jesus Christ, and was known for her humility and lack of society consciousness. 

Sheryl Meredith

Through the years, she traveled with her husband all over the world, assisting him in church visits, evangelistic campaigns and other activities that took them to destinations around the world. Her Christian love and sincerity helped encourage and inspire hundreds of brethren who met her. In so many ways, she was a giver, and Dr. Meredith has remarked many times what a wonderful, loving wife and mother she was. She also gave Dr. Meredith two fine sons—David, now 34, and Jonathan, now 32.

Most importantly, though, we should remember that Sheryl Meredith was a “Christian warrior.” She was almost fearless in many different situations, standing up valiantly for God’s Truth even when it was not easy or “politically correct” to do so. As the Worldwide Church of God began its massive rejection of the Truth, Dr. Meredith told her very plainly about the hardships and persecution they would probably have to endure if they left to revive God’s Work. As he has recited many times, he told her, “Honey, if we leave and try to revive the Work, we may have to live in a trailer house and eat beans and potatoes for a long time!” Mrs. Meredith quickly responded, in essence, “Let’s do it. I know that God will take care of us no matter what!”

So, the nearly 10,000 people in the Living Church of God, spread all over the world, each owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to her for her loving help to Dr. Meredith, and for her courageous example of being willing to step out in faith to assist in carrying on the Work of God at the end of this age.

After ten years valiantly battling cancer, Sheryl Ann Meredith died on November 29, 2013. She will be greatly missed by both her physical and spiritual families. In her spirit of service to others, Dr. Meredith has asked that, instead of sending flowers, contributions be made to the Disaster Relief Fund operated by the Living Church of God, which helps church members and others who have suffered losses, such as those who recently endured typhoons in the Philippines, as well as those who had suffered losses due to Hurricane Katrina and the tragic earthquake in Haiti.

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Sheryl Meredith with RCM
Sheryl Meredith young