Mr. Bruce Tyler
1944 - 2016

May 24th, 2016

Council of Elders

It is with great sadness that I have to report the death of Mr. Bruce Tyler—one of the earliest ministers to come with this Work way back in early 1994. He was ordained an Evangelist of Jesus Christ on March 14, 2001 in the Living Church of God and continued his faithful service as the Regional Director of Australasia and the Philippines until the day of his death. Mr. Tyler was always completely loyal to the Truth of God, very faithful to Jesus Christ and the leadership of His Church and set an example of loyaltyfaithfulness and absolute dedication in proclaiming Christ’s Message to this world and feeding the flock.

As a pioneer minister in the Global Church of God—now Living Church of God—he helped build this Work all over Australia, New Zealand and the entire Australasian area. He was a faithful and very helpful member of our Council of Elders—flying clear across the globe to be with us for every meeting until shortly before his death. Mr. Tyler was a deep student of the Bible, and offered extremely helpful ideas and concepts about God’s Plan and His Word. He had prophetic insights which came only from profound study of the Word of God. The Work in Australasia grew steadily under his direction. He was a tireless worker and was often found in the Philippines, in Malaysia and other areas all over Australasia serving God’s people—even going into jungle areas that were considered dangerous by most people. He was a brave man. So he set an example of faith and courage.

Mr. Tyler suffered a severe stroke several days ago and never recovered from its effects. He died peacefully in the hospital on Tuesday, May 24, 2016. He was 71 years of age and would have been 72 in August. So he lived a long and very productive life. We should all pray for his family and for the entire Work in the Australasian area. Your prayers for them all will be deeply appreciated. However, we can be grateful that although we will miss him deeply, he “has it made.” For he remained absolutely faithful to God and His Work until the very end of his life. So we can be confident that we will see him again soon in the resurrection from the dead—in which he truly believed.

Mr. Tyler’s funeral will be held on Thursday, June 2. The exact time and place will be announced to the Australian brethren. So all of us should certainly pray fervently for the family during this time. Dr. Douglas Winnail—Director of the Ministry for the Living Church of God—will be there to share in the funeral. He also feels very close to Mr. Tyler and I am glad that he is willing to make this very long trip for this occasion. He will also stay over a few days and visit some of the local churches while he is there.

In addition, I feel it would be helpful for all of you to know that—even before Mr. Tyler died—Dr. Winnail and I talked with him, with some of the other leadership in Australasia, and with members of the Council of Elders about a “succession plan” for Australasia in case he died. He had already been training his son, Robert Tyler, for this responsibility and felt very positive about that. We did also, as Robert is an extremely dedicated and capable young man. Under the circumstances, he is now better able to take over the entire responsibility his father had than anyone else since nearly all of the other ministers there are getting much older and some of them have health problems. As most of you know, Mr. Rod King has stage four cancer and is in very serious condition and unable to travel much. Mr. Michael Gill, Mr. Darrell Tanner and a number of the other older men have had serious health problems as well and are probably very glad that this overall administrative responsibility is being placed in the hands of a younger minister such as Robert Tyler. So please pray fervently for Robert Tyler and his family! Ask God to guide him, inspire him, protect him and strengthen him so that he can assume this responsibility in a very capable way. Although he is only in his early 40s, it is interesting that he is almost the exact age as two of the most outstanding Presidents of the United States—Teddy Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. So he is certainly “old enough” to carry on this responsibility in God’s Church in that area, and with God’s guidance, and I am sure that he will do very, very well indeed. Again, pray for Mrs. Tyler and the entire Tyler family at this time—and for all the brethren in the entire Work in the Australasia area. Thank you.

Roderick C. Meredith

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