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Watch India!

“India remains the biggest buyer of arms in the world, importing nearly three times as many weapons as its nearest competitors China and Pakistan over the last five years” (Agence France-Presse, March 17, 2014). “Indian imports of major weapons rose by 111 percent in the last five years compared to 2004–08… India replaced China as the world’s biggest arms buyer in 2010… The main supplier of arms to India in 2009-13 was Russia, accounting for 75 percent of all imports” (ibid.). During the same period, “India’s traditional rival Pakistan increased its weapons acquisitions by 119 percent, growing from 2 percent of the global total to 5 percent during that period” (ibid.). Read More »

Zu Guttenberg calls for German leadership in Ukraine.

In a recent article analyzing the crisis in the Ukraine, former German Defense Secretary Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg called for coordinated action by EU and the U.S., and he criticized their lethargy and dis-unified front. He also called for greater German leadership in the crisis: “My fellow countrymen will not be happy to hear this, but Germany will have to play a core role in this process. After all, Germany has more experience with Europe’s transition countries than probably anyone else” (The American Interest, March 12, 2014). Read More »

Super-plague could reappear.

The deadliest plague ever to hit mankind killed between 30-50 million people during the 6th century AD—nearly one half of the Earth’s population (Times of Malta, January 28, 2014). “Some 800 years later, the Black Death wiped out 50 million Europeans between 1347 and 1351” (ibid.). Recently unearthed remains of two 1500-year-old victims in Bavaria, Germany, showed the disease to be a different strain of the same bacterium that caused the Black Death in the fourteenth century. This has led scientists to conclude that “If the Justinian plague could erupt in the human population, cause a massive pandemic, and then die out, it suggests it could happen again” (ibid.). Read More »

North Korea’s War Crimes?

Following a year-long investigation, UN investigators recommend “North Korean security chiefs and possibly even Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un himself should face international justice for ordering systematic torture, starvation and killings comparable to Nazi-era atrocities” (Reuters, February 18, 2014). Extensive interviews of defectors, “including former prison camp guards,” showed that “The gravity, scale and nature of these violations reveal a state that does not have any parallel in the contemporary world” (ibid.). Read More »

Gender Confusion!

“The concept of gender-neutral parenting first became popular among feminists in America during the 1970s” yet, it is still around (Daily Mail, February 14, 2014). One U.K. couple is raising their son as both a boy and a girl—leaving the ultimate determination of his gender identity to him. His 23-year-old stay-at-home mom commented “‘If Max wants to wear a pink tutu and fairy wings, then he can’...  Parents raise their son as a boy AND a girl so he won’t ‘grow up aggressive’… ‘It doesn’t matter if he’s homosexual, bisexual, transsexual or asexual as far as I’m concerned. I didn’t give birth to him to say “I’m only going to love you if you’re this way”. I love him for who he is’” (ibid.). Both parents are mutually supportive of this method of raising their son, and the father’s biggest concern about the whole issue is, “Does Max have the right shoes to go with that dress!” (ibid.). Read More »

California’s Killer Drought.

“In late January, California officials, for the first time in the 54-year history of the State Water Project, announced they were cutting off the flow of water from the northern part of the state to the south, affecting both farms and cities… This as California’s Central Valley, producer of half of America’s fruits, vegetables, and nuts, is experiencing its worst drought on record” (Christian Science Monitor, February 19, 2014). Read More »

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