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Truth in Jest

 There is an old adage that states “many a true word is said in jest.” This phrase literally means that the truth is often found in comic utterances. This expression has been around longer than we appreciate; it’s also painfully true.
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The Way to Peace

The search for peace is a major concern in the world today. People pray for peace. They light candles for peace. They march in the streets and stage demonstrations to promote peace and prevent war. Yet, strife, violence and war continue. Is there a reason? Why have the concerted efforts of intelligent human beings for more than a century failed to find a lasting peace between nations and peoples?
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Life’s Real Goal

Ambitious businesspeople, athletes, politicians and zealots commit their full energies to advancing their personal agendas. They will lose sleep, drive themselves and stop at almost nothing to achieve their goals. Some of these may strive for integrity and honesty, but many will use any deceitful tactic, lie or evil to get their way. And for what? Is their all-consuming purpose worthwhile? Will it benefit the character and quality of life of others? What is the REAL goal for which all of us should be striving?
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What Profit Is It?

We all seek to profit from our various endeavors. We want a return on our investment of time, effort, work, energy and money. Seeking profit is not wrong. But what is truly profitable?
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In literature, entertainment and sports the subject of sisters interacting always seems to be popular. For generations the classic works of the Bronte sisters in their widely read novels, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and Agnes Grey, have been enjoyed, inspiring plays and movies. In the music field, the Andrews Sisters enjoyed popularity for a generation, along with the McGuire Sisters. In more recent times the musical group Dixie Chicks, founded by two sisters, has enthralled audiences with their high-energy performances. In professional sports, Venus and Serena Williams have dominated women’s professional tennis for over a decade.
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Got Commitment?

Loyalty, devotion and dedication—are these traits still character qualities we strive to establish in our walk through life? Is “commitment” an old fashioned notion, or an idea whose time is long overdue?
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