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ChurchillóMan of Destiny

The last week of January 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the death and burial of Winston Churchill, Britain’s great wartime Prime Minister. Churchill is revered as the leader who galvanized British resistance to Nazi Germany, and is remembered for his indomitable spirit and commitment to fight to eventual victory—no matter how slim the chances may have seemed. He is also remembered for possessing a profound sense of personal destiny, something which colored his entire life. 
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Scan the news headlines or talk to your friends and neighbors, and there is little doubt that the world is filled with troubles. How can we be positive in such a negative environment? Can we find reasons to be optimistic when modern life is filled with so many troubles?
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What, Me Worry?

Remember the old MAD Magazine character, Alfred E. Neuman, whose line was "What, me worry?" It was a humorous spoof making light of the need to worry about anything. Worry is a mental exercise that all of us engage in, though some more than others. It doesnít produce anything. It uses up valuable time and resources, and it doesnít give us joy or peace of mind.
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Use Knowledge Rightly

Some want to know it all when it comes to the Bible. Having a right and balanced desire to learn and grow in scriptural knowledge is good. It can help us grow in our relationship with our Creator. But this same desire becomes lopsided when the emphasis is on trying to understand subjects where God has purposefully withheld key details, or where the Bible is simply silent. As we seek to learn more about God and His way of life, we need to learn how to seek and use knowledge rightly. How can we do this?
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The Lies We Believe and the Truths We Reject

Have you ever considered all of the things we take as truth, things that actually shape our lives by guiding our behaviors, habits and attitudes? Many of us grow up doing and believing the things our parents did were not only right but also unchangeable. Some of our beliefs come from friends to whom we gave credibility for reasons we have long forgotten.
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Broken cisterns

“Going green” is all in vogue, as the need to conserve – and the practicality of recycling – becomes even more compelling in crippled economies around the world. Things that were once thoughtlessly discarded are now often repurposed or recycled. More energy-efficient methods of doing daily chores and routine tasks are being sought at every level. It just makes good sense to do some of these things.
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