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The Blind Men and the Elephant

Remember the children’s story of The Blind Men and the Elephant? This story, as profound as it is simple, continues to be used to explain the limitations of human understanding and perception.
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Time is important

What is time? Why is it important? What do we need to know about it? And will time end? The answer to these questions depends on whether you are a physicist, a writer of science fiction, a writer of songs, a philosopher or a poet.
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"A life well spent..."

I suppose it is a sign of growing older when one gets into the habit of reading the obituaries in the newspaper. Especially if you have been in one place for a very long time, you find the names of friends, business associates and people with whom you have come into contact written up on the obituary pages. It is a sobering reminder of our mortality as human beings.
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Plagues of Pestilence

For centuries, plagues of pestilence have exacted a great death toll on humankind. The recent Ebola virus outbreak has the world’s heath care community very concerned. It was declared to be a global emergency. Since March of 2014, the Ebola virus spread to four countries. Deaths continue to mount. Is a major pestilence outbreak in our future?
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Scotland Votes NO: Now What?

By the early light of Friday morning the result of the Scottish Referendum had become clear. By a decisive majority—55 percent to 45 percent—the citizens of Scotland rejected the prospect of independence from the United Kingdom. Why did they do so, and what will come next?
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Scotland at the Brink

Today, on Thursday, September 18, 4.29 million registered voters living in Scotland will be able to vote on the question “Should Scotland be an independent country?” The prospect of an independent Scotland has sent shockwaves through the rest of the United Kingdom, and around the world. If the Scots vote “Yes,” Great Britain will, at a stroke, cease to exist in the form we have known for more than 300 years. What does this vote portend for the UK and the world?
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