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Big beautiful diamonds

Have you ever held a really big, beautiful diamond?  A "GIA grade F" diamond is considered flawless.  These are the rarest diamonds on earth, revealing no visible internal or external imperfections.  Three to four carat "grade Fs" are valued at $250,000 to $300,000 or more.  But these diamonds are unimpressive specks compared to the diamonds the Creator God possesses.  His diamonds are thousands of miles across – and, they sing for Him.
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It is gardening time!

Many people develop “gardening fever” in the spring. Ever since God planted Earth’s first garden—called the Garden of Eden—a number of very significant events have happened in gardens.
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What is Servant Leadership?

Servant Leadership is a concept and a practice that all Christians should implement. But what is Servant Leadership? And how can we practice it?
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Seeds of Violence

Statistics abound that demonstrate an increase in violent behavior among school age children. In recent years we have heard of many tragic cases of high school kids who have brought a gun to school and murdered their own classmates and teachers. Everyone remembers the Columbine tragedy. Many in society though believe that this is only a rare example of a very few emotionally disturbed young people. Can we dismiss this type of violence as simply an aberration or are there seeds of violence being sown in our society today that will surface even more in the future?
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Is It Time for Us to Read the Owner’s Manual?

When we buy something new like a cell phone, lawn mower or car there is always an owner’s manual that comes with the purchase. Not everyone makes the effort to actually read this manual. After all, it takes precious time away from us that could be spent experimenting and playing with our newly purchased gadget.
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A Willingness to Serve

My parents have always been given to hospitality. They would encourage their children to bring friends “over to the house.” This invitation would enable us, their children, to have an opportunity to share enjoyable times with our friends and allow our parents to become better acquainted with our peers. We, as teenagers lacking the understanding of the physical effects a houseful of youngsters placed on two adults, would invite the “whole gang” to spend the night, and to leave from our home when we would be traveling with a group to an out-of-town event. Good times for everyone, right?
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