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The Messiah, Misunderstood

Once, during a trip to the United Kingdom, I had the opportunity to visit the National Gallery in London. This imposing complex of great buildings houses some of the finest examples of art from the Renaissance and earlier periods, along with works of art from more recent times. As I walked through the great galleries and observed the ancient paintings, large and small, I was struck by the recurring theme of most of the works, especially from the Middle Ages up through the 19th century. They were almost exclusively religious scenes, or depictions of biblical stories, biblical characters, various saints and often events in the life of Jesus Christ. Many paintings contained mythical characters such as winged cherubs shown as infants or small children. Further, many of the subjects in the paintings had halos or some other characteristic depiction of holiness or religiosity.
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Are you being taught a false Gospel?

The true Gospel is the most vital message this world has ever received.  It is the message Jesus and the Apostles preached.  It is the message the faithful Church of God proclaims today.  It is also a message that is often misunderstood and even shamefully attacked!
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Consider the Ant and Be Wise

Storms, wildfires, earthquakes and other natural disasters are increasing at a staggering rate. These catastrophes cause massive power outages, food shortages, and billions of dollars in damages to personal lives and property. Do we see these events, and think to ourselves, “Wow! I am glad that didn’t happen to me!” or are we asking ourselves the question, “Am I ready for such an event?” Natural disasters are going to happen, and sometimes they come without warning. Will you be ready when disaster comes? Are you preparing like the ant?
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Whatís Wrong with Marriage?

Judging by what is shown on prime time television, "happily ever after" is just another myth. From sitcoms that portray the marriage bed like a game of musical chairs, to shows that depict monogamy in loveless marriages – the outlook is gloomy indeed. But is that reality?
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Repeating History

Is history the future? It has been said, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” But in a strange twist of history in our day, the radical Islamists of Islamic State, or ISIS, have learned their history quite well, and they want to repeat it. And they plan to force everyone else to repeat it as well. What history do they want to repeat?
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Is Saint Patrickís Day a Holy Day?

Though it is widely celebrated as a Christian holiday, Saint Patrick’s Day was not a church festival until the seventeenth century. The history surrounding Saint Patrick is sketchy and largely based on legends and conflicting traditions. Like other mainstream Christian “holidays” that have been passed down through Catholic tradition, it is associated with many symbols of pagan religion. Shocking?
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