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A Sad Day for Britain!

 March 29, 2014 marked a watershed in Britain as same-sex marriages were performed for the first time. The eager and happy same-sex couples were in no doubt about the significance of the day; as one put it, “We are changing one of the absolute, most fundamental building blocks of our society—marriage. And that’s quite daunting actually.” But are these shocking changes really a good thing for Britain—or any other nation that adopts them? How does God view homosexual relationships—and the political leaders that support them?
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It’s tax time again!

 The dreaded deadline for paying taxes – April 15th – comes around all too often for many in the United States. A great number of citizens hate to pay their share so badly that they often fudge on their tax returns, misrepresenting their true tax bill to Uncle Sam.
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What Is "Hot"? What Is Not?

 The uses of words in our language changes and evolves constantly. Our burgeoning technology brings with it new words, some of which seem meaningless. Who knew what a “selfie” was until the ubiquitous smart phone made digital cameras and the transmission of photos so popular—particularly in conjunction with social media and YouTube, where one’s everyday activities are shared with the world? What else has changed?
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The Reason for the Rear View Mirror

 A few weeks ago, I was traveling down the interstate when a most surprising thing happened. We were in the middle of a snowy day, which is actually not the surprising thing, considering January weather in upstate New York. What was surprising, however, was the cascade of snow, ice, and gravel that landed on top of our windshield just before we went under a bridge.
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What the Critic Says

We’ve all received criticism – at home, in the neighborhood or workplace – for something we did or didn’t say or do. Perhaps we ourselves have been the critic. How should we handle criticism?
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Darren Aronofsky’s Noah: Pro-Satan Propaganda

 When atheist Darren Aronofsky’s movie Noah debuted this past week, many observers expected it to be biblically inaccurate, irresponsibly “creative” and filled with the promotion of trendy secular values. Few, however, expected the movie to be what amounts to a propaganda piece for the Devil himself.  Yet, hard as this may be to believe, that is exactly what the movie represents!
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