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Jeremiah and prosperity preaching

"Prosperity preachers" proclaim that God wants you to have material wealth and happiness ... now.  While positive thinking has its merits, does God promise prosperity, health and happiness for you in this life?  In the years ahead, this question, and the strength of your relationship with God and Jesus Christ, will become more profound than you may realize.
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The "sin" of ingratitude

We’ve all had the unfortunate experience of doing something for someone and never hearing a simple "thank you" in return. It makes us feel sad, perhaps a little hurt or even a little angry, when we have really gone out of our way to help someone. We may think, "How dare they not appreciate what I did for them!" Google the words "un-thankfulness" or "ungrateful people" or "ingratitude" and you’ll get hundreds of thousands to millions of results.
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A Word in Haste

Most of us have been asked the question, “Can you do me a favor?”  We commonly reply, “Sure,” right before being confronted with a task we are not able or, frankly, willing to do.  In today’s society, we often do not give such an exchange a second thought, even though in that moment we have given our word and broken it.
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Are you too busy for God?

One of the prime dangers for Christians today is getting so busy that they lose their spiritual focus. Especially as the pace of society hastens, this is a real danger to spiritual growth!
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Definer of the Nation

Back in 2009, I visited my parents in the New Jersey town where I grew up. On a bright Sunday afternoon, we journeyed by car a short distance to the Monmouth Battlefield State Park just outside town. This was the site of the last major battle in the north, during the American Revolution, on June 28, 1778, and it was the largest one-day battle of the war (in terms of participants).  It was a needed victory for George Washington and his troops after their dreadful winter in Valley Forge. Major General Lafayette described this bloody battle in oppressive heat as Washington’s finest hour.  
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Riddled with guilt?

Are you sometimes plagued with gnawing feelings of guilt? Do anxious feelings of wrongdoing stir inside, resulting in thoughts of shame and inferiority? You are not alone!
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