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Ridley Scott’s Exodus is precisely that: Ridley Scott’s

What could Clash of the Titans—a mindless “popcorn flick” from 2010—possibly have in common with director Ridley Scott’s recent Bible-themed epic, Exodus: Gods and Kings? Something much more fundamental and revealing than you might expect. 
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Not the reason for the season

Many people realize that Jesus Christ was not born anywhere near December 25 and that Christmas is rooted in ancient paganism, but will still proclaim that Jesus is “the reason for the season.” Is this true? Who is really being celebrated on December 25? Why the evergreen tree? And most importantly, is Jesus Christ really pleased?
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Green Trees and Jesus

Looking back over the years, it has become evident to me that the gap between what the Bible says to do, and what its alleged followers actually do, has reached near absurd proportions.
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The Death of Integrity

Have you noticed? Something has changed in the basic fabric of our society. Bedrock moral principles of conduct for orderly, successful entities seem to have evaporated. Integrity, or what the Merriam-Webster On-line Dictionary defines as “the quality of being honest and fair” is dying, and the positive traits that keep it alive are in very short supply.
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The Reason for Riots

Rioting has been around a long time. Throughout history, riots have been provoked by hunger, oppression, injustice, or even drunken celebrations run amok. Race and rice, war and whiskey, blackouts and beer, sports and sugar, and prisons and politics have all caused riots. But what is the real reason for riots?
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Cold as Ice

It was a scene of chaos! Cars and buildings were on fire, and explosions could be heard in the distance. Mobs of angry people roamed the streets. Young men were attacking each other relentlessly while crowds of callous onlookers gawked and mocked. Law and order were nowhere to be found, as looters capitalized on fear and complacency. What great catastrophe had struck to cause such chaos and pandemonium? Or what enemy invasion force had landed?
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