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Scotland Votes NO: Now What?

By the early light of Friday morning the result of the Scottish Referendum had become clear. By a decisive majority—55 percent to 45 percent—the citizens of Scotland rejected the prospect of independence from the United Kingdom. Why did they do so, and what will come next?
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Scotland at the Brink

Today, on Thursday, September 18, 4.29 million registered voters living in Scotland will be able to vote on the question “Should Scotland be an independent country?” The prospect of an independent Scotland has sent shockwaves through the rest of the United Kingdom, and around the world. If the Scots vote “Yes,” Great Britain will, at a stroke, cease to exist in the form we have known for more than 300 years. What does this vote portend for the UK and the world?
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To tend and keep...

Whenever I visit my doctor – as reluctantly as that is – the nurse will inevitably take my vital signs, including my blood pressure.  In an effort to skew the results in my favor, I typically close my eyes to envision a warm, white sandy beach, and the sounds of surf on a pristine emerald shoreline as I sit under a beach umbrella, savoring the bouquet of an ice cold beverage!  Ahhhhh!
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The Functional Family

What happened to the "functional" family?  You know, the one with a Dad and a Mom and children centered around the home, doing the things families do, working together, playing together, laughing and sometimes crying together.
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Deceptive seeds

Our local grocery store always seems to have in stock what appears to be healthy produce. However, how many of us really know where our produce comes from? These days, it is possible that the food you are eating may contain genetic derivatives from eight different genetically modified foods. Experts state that more than 70 percent of items on supermarket shelves contain genetically modified foods.
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Let There Be Light

Always keep a flashlight handy in your home or workplace, or when you travel. Keep it accessible, and keep it powered. You never know when you might need one. This may sound like common sense 101, but light really can save your life. In fact, light is one of the most important concepts in the Bible.
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