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The global leadership vacuum.

A German news magazine recently reported, “Global politics have come to a standstill in recent years, with the United States unwilling to show leadership and Europe and other major powers unable to fill the vacuum [emphasis ours]” (Der Spiegel, February 1, 2013).  Fifteen years ago, then-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright called America an “indispensable nation”; however, fifteen years later, America “is primarily an exhausted one, a global power in decline that has its gaze turned toward the domestic front rather than Afghanistan or the Middle East” (ibid.).  

America’s declining influence, fading economy, and stagnating population

As America abdicates its international leadership role, no other nation appears ready to fill the void.  The article notes, “Europe isn’t in a position to provide decisive leadership.  And the US doesn’t want to anymore” (ibid.).  

Bible prophecies foresaw this very situation long ago.  Isaiah prophesied that at the end of the age, God would take away strong and capable leaders from among His people and that children (childish, immature, impulsive individuals) would get into leadership positions (Isaiah 3:1-12). 

Today, the world needs and craves strong, capable, visionary leadership.  Bible prophecies reveal that a charismatic individual will step into this leadership vacuum. This leader will emerge from the German-led, end-time Beast power that will arise in Europe and be backed by the Roman church (Revelation 17:1-6).  

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