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Update on a Super-Volcano.

At the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union, University of Utah researchers reported new results of their study of the Yellowstone caldera. Dr. Bob Smith stated in a BBC interview, “We’ve been working there for a long time, and we’ve always thought it would be bigger… but this finding is astounding” (New York Post, December 12, 2013). The magma chamber under the Yellowstone basin measures approximately 55 miles by 20 miles, and is three to nine miles beneath the earth. “So what would happen if Yellowstone was to erupt? Something close to Armageddon.” Scientists speculate that if the volcano were to erupt, “it will wipe out America—and have enormous impacts on the rest of the world.” At its last eruption, scientists think the world’s climate changed for several centuries (ibid.). Read More »

UK Judge Resigns after Reprimand.

“A senior High Court judge is stepping down after being reprimanded by the Lord Chief Justice and Lord Chancellor for speaking out on the problems of marriage breakdown” (The Times, December 18, 2013). Last December, the judge, Sir Paul Coleridge, wrote an article that criticized “the Government’s plans to allow gay marriage and accused ministers of wasting effort on an issue that affects ‘0.1 per cent’ of the population. Instead, ministers should focus on supporting married couples, he said” (ibid.). Sir Paul’s comments were said to be “incompatible with his judicial responsibilities and therefore amounts to judicial misconduct” (ibid.). As modern societies permit and promote any kind of behavior, even leaders and judges are condemned for defending traditional values. Read More »

African Blood Flows Again.

Africa’s newest nation, South Sudan, is on the verge of civil war as two factions fight for power (Agence France-Presse [AFP], December 19, 2013). “Hundreds of people have been killed and thousands more terrified civilians have fled their homes” (ibid.). Many, including the Sudanese government, fear that the fighting could compromise oil production in the very poor nation (AFP, December 20, 2013). Read More »

Are Animals Really People?

In an attempt to force better care and treatment of animals, “A US animal rights group is calling on a New York court to recognise a chimpanzee as a legal person, in what is believed to be a legal first” (BBC, December 4, 2013). The Nonhuman Rights Project founder noted “We are claiming that chimpanzees are autonomous—that is, being able to self-determine, be self-aware, and be able to choose how to live their own lives… Once we prove that chimpanzees are autonomous, that should be sufficient for them to gain legal personhood and at least have their fundamental interests protected by human rights” (ibid.). The group’s goal is to have the chimpanzee placed in a wildlife refuge and removed from his current caged habitat (ibid.). Read More »

Chinaís Moon Landing and the Future.

On December 1, after years of preparation and hard work, China reported landing a robotic vehicle on the moon (BBC, December 14, 2013). The lander touched down in a lunar region about which little is known (ibid.). Many wonder about China’s lunar ambitions (BBC, November 29, 2013). In an interview with the BBC, Professor Ouyang Ziyuan of China’s Department of Lunar and Deep Space Exploration gave several reasons for China’s lunar exploration, including “The Moon could be a ‘beautiful’ source of minerals and energy” such as Helium 3, which could be used in nuclear fusion reactors. It could also be an important site for collecting solar energy (ibid.). China also plans future manned-missions to the moon (ibid.). Read More »

Vatican to Control Jerusalemís Holy Sites?

According to a quietly revealed U.S. plan, the Vatican and an international coalition would control some of Jerusalem’s most holy sites (WorldNetDaily, December 15, 2013). “The exact composition of the international mandate is up for discussion… but [U.S. Secretary of State] Kerry’s plan recommended a coalition that includes the Vatican, together with a group of Muslim countries such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia” (ibid.). The plan, favored by a number of high-ranking Israeli officials, would also designate the Old City of Jerusalem as an international zone (Israel National News, December 15, 2013). Read More »

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