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The Bones of Charlemagne.

Scientists have recently published results from a secret study of bones stored in the Aachen Cathedral. One researcher noted regarding the 1,200-year-old bones that, “Thanks to the results from 1988 up until today, we can say with great likelihood that we are dealing with the skeleton of Charlemagne” (The Local, January 31, 2014). Read More »

Germany’s Military Desires.

Ursula von der Leyen, nick-named the Crown Princess by the German press, is Germany’s first female defense minister (The Times, February 9, 2014). With her eyes on the chancellorship, von der Leyen “has been striving to create a cross-party alliance in favor of challenging the 69-year-old taboo against military action” (ibid.). German President Joachim Gauck “also called for politicians to stop using Germany’s ‘historic guilt’ [over the holocaust] as an excuse to ‘look away’ from the world’s problems.” Read More »

New Direction for Germany.

The winds of change are blowing in Germany. “Since the end of World War II, Germany has pursued a relatively tame foreign policy. But over the past week, Berlin appeared to have acknowledged the need for a fairly dramatic change. German leaders… have called for a new framework that contravenes the restraint Germany has practiced for so long. They want Germany to assume a greater international role by becoming more involved outside its borders politically and militarily… As NATO continues to fray and the challenges posed by an increasingly volatile Russia loom, Germany seems to be taking the first step back into establishing a new national and regional security framework… Berlin believes that holding the European Union together requires adding another dimension that it heretofore has withheld in its dealing with the bloc: military-political relations” (Geopolitical Weekly, February 4, 2014). Read More »

European Schools Pushing Diversity Education.

Many German primary and secondary schools are teaching about diversity to break gender stereotypes and help children view homosexuality as natural. However, one classroom teacher created a petition against this attempt to promote “an educational, moral, and ideological reeducation” in German schools. He says that the curriculum is one-sided and that it fails to highlight the risks of a homosexual lifestyle (Deutsche Welle, January 12, 2014). Read More »

Selfish Mums Poisoning Unborn Babies.

“ALARMING numbers of pregnant women are putting their unborn babies at serious risk of being born with alcohol poisoning. Shocking statistics have just uncovered an almost 50 per cent rise in Foetal Alcohol Syndrome in the past two years, with more than 300 children significantly affected last year” (Sunday Express, February 9, 2014). “Psychiatrist Dr Raja Mukherjee, a world specialist in foetal alcohol damage, estimates three per cent of the population is affected. He said: ‘If there are official reports of 300 FAS cases, then, in reality, there are maybe 3,000 cases on the wider spectrum. These latest figures just show the tip of the iceberg’” (ibid.). Babies suffer from this syndrome because their moms were frequently drunk during pregnancy. Read More »

Divided Swiss Push Against the EU.

In a move to stem the flow of poor migrants into its nation, “Swiss voters on Sunday (9 February) backed a call to cap migration from EU countries” (EU Observer, February 10, 2014). The vote, backed by 50.3 percent of voters, goes directly against the four fundamental EU freedoms: “free movement of people, goods, capital and services” and has drawn criticism (ibid.). Read More »

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