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Bible Study: The Gospel of Matthew

Program 01

The Bible is the revelation of the great God. That God is the one who created us and gives us everything that we have. He gives us every breath of air we breathe. He even gives us the mind with which we think and reason-and with which we often deny that He exists. Read More »

Program 02

Most people concentrate on the person of Christ and not on what He said. But His Word is what counts, as we will see as we go through His own message. Don't just believe in what Jesus Christ did, believe in what He taught. Don't just think on His person, believe in His MESSAGE-and this was part of His message. Read More »

Program 03

So we are not to just "talk the talk." as they say. We are to "walk the walk." We are to live by every Word of God. We are to let Christ's character shine out from us in the way we treat one another, and in the way we worship, serve and obey God and walk with Him. Here in these verses the Son of God is telling us what to do. Read More »

Program 04

Jesus went on, saying: "Let your light so shine". Christians are to be lights; we are to live the right way. Jesus said "Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets". The disciples who were listening to Him were not under any illusion about what He was discussing. Read More »

Program 05

Notice that He did not say "if" you pray. He assumed that Christians would be praying. And we should be praying and we have to be praying-or we won't make it into God's Kingdom. You need to understand that, but many do not understand. You should be praying on both your knees, every day of your life. Learn to do that! Read More »

Program 06

Most people don't know God. Frankly, they are not even acquainted with God, but I hope that many of you are, or will be. You can come to know God if you truly walk with Him, do what He says and obey Him-that's the key. Will you do what God says? Or will you reason around the clear teachings of Jesus? Read More »

Program 07

A number of translations translate this as "condemn not, that you be not condemned" because Jesus is not just talking using the word "judge" to indicate "discerning." God tells us, all the way through the Bible, to be very discerning. Read More »

Program 08

Christ goes on to explain that whatever you want men to do to you, you should do also to them. God is very good to us, and we also must be very good to one another. You want to learn to love your neighbor as yourself. This is called the "golden rule." As I said last time, Jesus is actually quoting from Leviticus 19:18, which he first spoke as the Word, the Spokesman, of the Old Testament. Read More »

Program 09

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." We need to realize this basic principle. He does not change. He is always willing to heal. He may not heal as much today as He did back then, because we are not living in an age of faith. Frankly, most people today have not been taught this principle of faith, and they have not been taught very much about healing at all. Read More »

Program 10

Back then, people knew how to fast. People today don't talk much about fasting. It is not a very popular subject in our affluent society. When people these days do fast, they often have a "water fast" or a "juice fast." Back then, a religious fast consisted of fresh air and sunshine-no food and no water whatsoever. They fasted in order to humble themselves and get closer to God-at least that was the right purpose of fasting. Read More »

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