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Bible Study: Survey of the Former Prophets

Program 01

"The Prophets" consists of books we normally think of as prophetic, but it also consists of books we normally think of as historical. The Prophets are divided up into two sections: the Former Prophets and the Latter Prophets. The Former Prophets are: Joshua, Judges, Samuel and Kings. The Latter Prophets, or the Major Prophets, are: Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel and the Twelve Minor Prophets. Read More »

Program 02

We had come to Joshua 4, where Israel is now preparing to cross the Jordan River. God has miraculously opened up the Jordan River, the priests are standing with the ark in the middle of the River, and now they begin to come across. Joshua 4 tells of that. Read More »

Program 03

In Joshua 7, we find that there was a man by the name of Achan who coveted some of these items and did not want to see them destroyed. There were things that he took that were contrary to God's instruction. Read More »

Program 04

We have come to the point in Joshua 13 where most of the initial conquest of the Promised Land had been achieved. Joshua was old and stricken in years. Scripture details the areas that had been taken. He was told to divide this land as an inheritance for the nine tribes and the half tribe of Manasseh. Read More »

Program 05

The opening part of Judges summarizes the events recorded in the later verses of the Book of Joshua. In Judges 1, we read of an event that occurred just after the death of Joshua. We had read in the Book of Joshua that Israel served the Eternal their God all the days of Joshua and the elders that outlived Joshua. Read More »

Program 06

Deborah was the prophetess God used to reveal His message to Barak. Barak had led the Israelites, and now the Canaanite tribes that had been oppressing Israel have been subdued. Deborah had to act as though she was a mother in Israel, as we read in the seventh verse of Chapter 5. The land had rest once again for a little while. Read More »

Program 07

Not everybody starts out in life with a lot of advantages and a lot of positive things going for them. Yet some people, because of what they go through, allow their lives to be dominated by all sorts of fears and resentments. Jephthah was a man who certainly had a lot of reasons to be resentful of those around him. Jephthah was an illegitimate child. Read More »

Program 08

This particular man, Micah, was not a particularly reputable man; in fact he had stolen some money from his mother, though he was the "apple of his mother's eye." When he got scared and confessed to her, she thought, "Oh, my wonderful son." He gave her back the money. Read More »
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